An Empty Coast

An Empty Coast
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kruger in the rain and Mombasa in the sun

Coming to you live, Legion of Fans (LOF), from the beach bar, 50 metres from the white-fringed blue waters of the Indian Ocean, at the Nyali International Beach Hotel, Mombasa (crappy web cam picture, above, shows my view).

This is the third year in a row that Mrs Blog and I have taken the waters and the Tusker Lagers and lobsters at Mombasa. We have an annual date to catch up with our mate, Bwana James, who has his own mini family reunion here each year.

Mombasa itself is hectic - crowded, grubby, polluted, noisy, but here on the beach it's like nothing's changed since the hotel was built back in the late 40s. Looking out I can sea a couple of dhows, some dudes coming back from a fishing trip in their canoe, some beach kids practising acrobatics and a few fat lazy white people (myself included) lazing on sunbeds.

Beyond the still waters in front of me is a line of breakers on the reef. It's cloudy in the early morning but by now - just afer 10am, the sky is clearing. It's murderously hot away from the coast, but here there's a constant breeze - stiff enough to keep you cool all day, and to send the kite surfers' rigs aloft, but warm enough so you can stay in your cozzies until the sun goes down.

This is where I based the denouement (the end bit) of 'THE DELTA'.

In the evenings we go in search of another restaurant and another lobster. It was Spaghetti Al Aragotsa (with lobster) last night, at the Italian joint, Il Covo, at Bumburi Beach. Tonight's it's flash lobster at the Tamarind (flashest place in town).

I'll post some pics when I can, but for now, there's another post up on my Getaway Blog so please pop on over, have a look, and leave a comment. You might also like to check out the link to the very nice Hoyo Hoyo Tsonga private game lodge, in Kruger, which you'll find in the story.

Happy Australia day, y'all.


ali g said...

As Karen Blixen said...
'This water lives in Mombasa anyway'

rhodiejeff said...

You're 'waxing' G - next it'll be... 'I had a beer in Africa, at the foot of the... '

Trev said...

Ah a beer at the foot of the Ngong Hills or at the beach bar, 50 metres from the white-fringed blue waters of the Indian Ocean...
Denys would have liked that...

rhodiejeff said...

There's a book in here?

Dion said...

Hello Tony, Hear loads about Momabasa and it being as fun as Zanzibar - defo bucket list. Stories of middle age european ladies after a little (or should that read "big") mombasa mamba make for entertaining listening - nothing like a little off-white mischief... Delighted to see The Delta in bookstores here in SA - though pages 123 - 154 were missing in th ebook I bought!? Will go check at Exclusive books to see if this was a one off or a batch but what chance of you publishing those missing pages here on your site? Also this is the first page I have been able to repond to on your blog - the word verification block on all other blog responses show up as a red "X". Not sure if it's an issue my side or the site? Fabulous Blog though and you've more than once cheered up a dreary day. Hope that one day we'll meet in the bush (I travel Bots and Zambia extensively).

Tony Park said...

Can you pls email at tonyparknews (at)gmail (dot) com

I've spoken to the publishers and it seems your missing pages is (hopefully) a one off printing error. I can send you a pdf of the missing pages or we can organise you a replacment.

ali g said...

Hey Dion. You should've taken your drivers license in to show your age.
They probably gave you the edited version with the naughty bits taken out