Saturday, April 21, 2007

A book signing with a difference

I've signed quite a few of my books now (we're not talking millions, or even thousands, though I'm probably in to the hundreds - fame and fortune are still awaiting).

On my shelf, however, I have a copy of my second book, 'Zambezi' which was signed by someone else - Patricia Thelma Amphlett OAM - better known as Little Pattie.

For the legion of overseas fans, Little Pattie is an Aussie icon, a singing star who started in the 60s and, in addition to her successful recording career, went to Vietnam to enterain the troops (that's her pictured above left on stage in Vietnam in the 60s).

She's still involved in organising entertainment for Australian troops serving overseas.

A good mate of mine, Greg, is in the army and involved with escorting entertainers overseas, to places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, The Solomons and East Timor. A while ago I had lunch with him and he told me of an unusual exchange he'd had with Little Pattie during a trip to Iraq.

They're both big readers and, if I remember the story correctly, Patricia said she'd read this book called Zambezi and Greg said "I know the bloke who wrote it".

To cut short what is heading dangerously close to becoming a long story, I asked Greg to get THE Little Pattie to sign the copy she'd read. I sent her a new one.

The inscription reads: "To dear Tony, thank you for such a great read! More please! Best wishes and love from Patricia Amphlett (Little Pattie)."

I was... well... stoked.


ali g said...

jest her lil stompy wompy surfer boy Eh?

Hann said...

You probably felt like I did when I discovered you on my blog the first time! I was like omg omg omg!!
Glad to call you a good friend now and I'm glad for you receiving her signature, I don't know her but I'm sure B would.

lurker said...

and is part of the Little Pattie attraction the fact that she's Chrissy's cousin?

tonypark said...

Of course, lurker