Monday, April 16, 2007

Ill Respiro Della Savana

That's the title of the Italian edition of my first book, 'Far Horizon', soon to be known at 'The Breath of the Savana'.

I like it, and I like Tascabili degli Editori Associati (TEA), my Italian publishers. Heaps, as we say in Australia.

It's great, when you're getting into this business of writing, to hear about overseas deals, and kind of weird at the same time (in a good way) to know that the books are being translated into another language.

What's better, is to make contact with people abroad and Stefano Res is the Direzione Editoriale at TEA. Thanks, Stefano.


Hann said...

And I thought French was a very romantic sounding language, but this sounds also very good :-)

Gargoyle said...

Who's da MAN???
You da MAN!!!

It's never been my ambition, to achieve fame in many different country, but fortune would be an easy burden to bear!

tonypark said...

Thanks guys.

Give me fortune any day.

Muriel said...

Fortune will come when you sell to Hollywood. And they'll probably bite because of your sex scenes so I suppose you'd better keep 'em coming.

Muriel said...

Erm... no pun intended.