Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sneak preview - Safari, the book...

You've seen the animals (or maybe not)... soon you'll be able to read the book.

This is the cover design for my fourth book, SAFARI. You may be surprised to learn it's set in Africa. It's due for release in Australia in August 2007 and, hopefully, the rest of the world soon after.

Without giving the plot away (because I don't have time right now, and should, really be concentrating on editing my fifth book today), it's about hunters, poachers and Africa's wildlife wars.

It's set in Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Lots of animals; lots of gunplay; lots of Africa; lots of romance and (thanks to my publisher, who said I needed more sex scenes) lots more rude bits than I originally intended.

I'll post more information once I've got number five off to the publisher. Hopefully I'll have included enough sex in this one.


Hann said...

Jislike, it looks very windgat, LOL!
Congratulations, we can't wait to read it and will have to have a draw here at home about who will read it first!! Nothing wrong with a bit of romance otherwise you might scare female readers away if it's got to much boy stuff in it ;)

Ali G said...

Great cover for a great book but MORE rude its?...might have to break the news about that gently to the missus

The Professor said...

Great news about the extra sex scenes. Just don't let your mother edit them!

Black Mustarfa said...

Very original title for a book.
I hope theres going to be some careless gun play and lashings of interracial action in this tome!

tonypark said...

thanks all.

Prof, remind me to tell you about the additional rude bits.

Let us say that Sonny (Dunny) Bill Williams would approve.

Anonymous said...

She is still a friggin commie sympathiser!!!!!!!