Monday, December 03, 2007

Big head

I have a big head, Legion of Fans. Size 58, in fact.

It's so big that I have trouble finding hats to fit me. As a young soldier, my army-issue kevlar helmet was so big that it looked like Darth Vader's headdress. When I parachuted, I never worried that my 'chute wouldn't open, as the wind resistance from my helmet would have slowed me enough.

Here's me and my big head (so big, in fact, Mrs Blog couldn't get it all in the frame) at my new most favourite bookshop, Exclusive Books in O.R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, where, as you can see, the small paperback version of African Sky was number three in their top 10, when I passed through the terminal on my way to Mozambique recently.

As if my head wasn't big enough already, my charming, well-read, witty, glamorous, single publisher, C, who had joined us in Africa for Mrs Blog's birthday, reported the other day that when she passed through the airport African Sky had climbed to number two.

So, watch your back, John Grisham and Patricia Cornwell, the good people of South Africa and several overseas tourists (and, probably, a few of my relatives), are voting with their wallets.

To Tish, the lady on the plane from Mozambique who had also bought African Sky, and everyone else who has bought one or more of my books, I'd just like to say a very big (headed) thank you.


Crookedpaw said...

You're more than welcome. Money well spent.

Plus, when you're ready to send out first drafts of book No.6 for appraisal and feedback by family and friends, I would like to offer my services.

Live long and prosper,

JR said...

Only a 58 in a slouch hat?

You and I can swap...depending on make I am either a 58 or 60!

I hope you tucked Tonka away properly before you left.

ali g said...

Nice T-shirt there. A larger size has been ordered under the circumstances [together with a 'HOOAH' bumper sticker for Tonka].
Comment on previous blog was supposed to go here.
Chardonnays fault.

redcap said...

Woot you! My brother is happily chewing through your books now too, so there's another one to add to the LoF.

I can identify with hat issues. I've always had them too. Big head plus stupidly thick hair equals fat hat syndrome.

Bubu said...

Not surprised it's No2..surprised it's not No1 .Actually walked past shop in Joburg 2 weeks ago wish had gone in..have spoken to so many people who enjoy your books..well done & well deserved. Current husband has 61 head and that's with his Bruce Willis haircut.

tonypark said...

Thanks to all my fellow big heads for your comments. Yes, Ali G, a new "whatever" t-shirt would be great as the old one is now, like, w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r thanks to the recent trip to Mozambique.

JR, we left Tonka in the capable hands of a land rover mechanic who did absolutley nothing about his various ailments while we were away. "Too busy" apparently. Perhaops you could come over and show me how to change the oil filter without ending up looking like a tall Sammy Davis Jr.

Thanks Red, and Crooked, also, for your kind words. Thanks, Bubu, for having me.

Publisher C said...

I have finally got round to reading your blog, and one might think I'd be flattered by my description - 'charming, well-read, witty, glamorous, stylish, brainy' - but I think it screams 'shame about the face'. So I'd like you to add something like 'beautiful/gorgeous/reminds me a bit of Grace Kelly. Thank you. Publisher C

tonypark said...

C, did I ever tell you that you look like Grace Kelly?

Publisher C said...

Excellent question. No you haven't, but many people have. Publisher C