Saturday, December 08, 2007

We have a winner - TWO in fact!

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, raise your glasses to Herr Doktor (a distinguished veteran of several military excursions and one of the few people who can drink me under the table), and Crookedpaw, fellow blogger and book reviewer, who both leapt on the buy-some-books-and-help-lock-up-a-poacher offer.

I was only going to sell off one set of four books to help raise money for the SAVE the Rhino's Imire game reserve appeal, but, big softy that I am, I will now be donating $160 - the proceeds of the sale of two sets of my books to Crookedpaw and the good Doktor.

Thanks, guys for your quick reply, and to Ali G and Bubu who I have also learned made a significant donation to the appeal.

For the latecomers, SAVE is helping raise reward money, which will be used to try and catch a gang of poachers who killed three black rhino at Imire Game Reserve recently.

Herr Doktor and Crookedpaw, the remaining rhinos of Africa thank you, as do I.

Herr Dok, I will email you. Crookedpaw, can you please email me at: mail @ (with no spaces) and I'll give you details on how to pay.


tonypark said...

And I have just transferred $160 to the SAVE foundation via their easy-to-use online payment function.

Herr Doktor said...

Have dispatched your cash to your Swiss Bank account...sorry I thought that was a secret. Pleasure to help out. The house in Bulawayo will be free after Christmas if you need a place to stay. Ingrid has the keys. Take care
Herr Dok

Crookedpaw said...

Book reviewer? Me? I wish! It would be so good to be able to read books and get paid for telling people what I think about them.

Anyhoo. I have despatched payment secreted in the right shoe heel of a left handed dwarf wearing a "Knock me on my ass, I'll bite yours!" t-shirt, and whistling the Hungarian Rhapsody in English, as per instructions.

Live long and prosper.


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