Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chalk one up to the good guys...

And just to prove to you that truth is actually more interesting (and gritty) than even Tony Park fiction, here's an extract from a South African National Parks media release about a fire fight that happened not far from us, yesterday:

Kruger National Park (KNP) rangers and operators from South African National Parks (SANParks) Corporate Investigation Services (CIS) shot and killed a poacher during a skirmish in the early hours of this morning (Friday December 14, 2007).

The incident happened shortly after midnight when a group of poachers walked into a KNP ranger patrol in the Stolsnek Section of the KNP.

In the resulting fire-fight, one of the poachers was killed and follow up operations are being conducted in the area in concert with the South African Police Service (SAPS) in an attempt to find the rest of the group.

Rangers from Stolsnek Ranger Post and the CIS special operations team have been extensively patrolling the area after two rhino carcasses were found in the area two weeks ago.

Various weapons, including a highly modified hunting rifle and a home-made shotgun, spotlights and camouflaged uniforms have been confiscated.

The shooting incident is being investigated further by the SAPS.

Stolsnek Ranger Section is in the South Western area of the park between Pretoriuskop and Berg-en-Dal rest camps.

(We're staying in Pretoriuskop Camp)



ali g said...

Top shot that..We came across two of those rangers on an early morning walking safari when at Pretoriuskop. They just appeared walking through the bush looking very strong and brave with their lethal looking automatic weapons at the ready. Glad it was them and not the other guys that we met up with.
Took their photo [as they were walking away..too scared for a frontal in case they objected and shot us] and will doff my cap in deference next time their photo appears on the screensaver.

meggie said...

Good story!

tonypark said...

Yes, top stuff indeed.

I love that line in the release "poachers walked into a KNP ranger patrol".

Sounds tantalisingly like and ambush to me.

Get some.