Wednesday, December 05, 2007

SPECIAL OFFER! Help nail some poachers and get cheap (signed) books for Christmas

Step right up, Legion of Fans, for the win-win of the festive season.

Here's your chance to knock over a sizeable chunk of your Christmas shopping and help catch a gang of rhino poachers in the process,

Attentive readers will recall that I am speaking at the SAVE (NSW branch) fundraising dinner dance on February 9 at the Hunters Hill Sailing Club and that tickets are AUD$80 per head.

The organisers have said I don't have to pay, but I think that I should kick in 80 bucks of my own, don't you?

SAVE is currently helping to raise reward money which will be used to try and track down the gang of poachers who killed three adult black rhinos at Imire Game Reserve in Zimbabwe recently. Imire is run by friends of friends of ours and they've done great work in the past breeding these endangered creatures. There's a full report on what happend at Imire, and details of how to contribute direct to the reward fund here.

And now for my Christmas anti-poaching deal...

I'm offering one full set of all four of my books, signed, for AUD$80, posted anywhere in the world (at my expense). That's right, LOF, four books - Far Horizon, Zambezi, African Sky, and Safari, for 80 aussie dollars, nothing more to pay. (It'll be the small paperback versions of the first three and the big paperback of SAFARI, but it's still a cheap deal, believe me!).

I'll then give that $80 straight to the SAVE people for the Imire reward money fund - every red cent of it.

This offer is not open to relatives by blood or marriage. Why? Because I said so, that's why.

First person to post a comment, claiming the offer, gets the complete set of books for $80. You can pay me via paypal through my website or cash in small denomination unmarked bills.

Whatever happens, (even if none of you cheapskates take up this generous offer) I'll still kick in the $80, so why not join the hunt for the bastards who killed the Imire rhinos (and get a stack of books for all those relatives you don't really like, but have to buy presents for).

Let's help give these tsotsis a Christmas they'll never forget.


Anonymous said...

Ah! Having been officially welcomed I am tempted to take up this offer. But the hassle -and the expenses- of sending 80 Aussie dollars are just not worth it. I rather buy the other three here. But for those in Auss I think it is a cause worth supporting. The One From Namibia, Windhoek.

dionj said...

Great initiative Tony, Let me know if you'd like me to pass this offer on to my friends at Save The Rhino in the UK and see if they'll put it up on their site - I heard about this tragedy from them too.

Crookedpaw said...


Where do we go from here?

Live long and prosper

ali g said...

Read the books. Bought the DVD [rhino]. Good cause.

Herr Doktor said...

Count me in I'll buy the books, will be a treat