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An Empty Coast
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

And the winner is...

Kelvin Smith, of Port Kennedy, WA, is the winner of the fantastic SILENT PREDATOR luxury safari for two.

Thousands - yes, thousands - of people entered the competition, which was run by Macmillan Australia in conjunction with Tinga Private Game Lodge; Rovos Rail; the Radisson SAS Waterfront Hotel, Cape Town; Ten Bompas hotel Johannesburg; The Alphen Hotel, Cape Town; and the Africa Safari Co.

I won't rub it in for all of you who didn't win, but suffice to say Kelvin is one very fortunate West(ern) Australian as he will be living it up big time on the luxury two-week safari he has just bagged.

The judges at Macmillan read through every single entry - no mean feat - and it was no easy task narrowing the field down to the final shortlist of six entries. In the end, all the judges agreed that Kelvin's entry was a winner.

The entries were as varied as they were numerous and a special mention must go to the man who said he would sell one of his testicles on the black market for a chance to stay at Tinga. Normally such an entry would have made it to the shortlist, but the gentleman in question will get to keep all of his body parts as he had actually entered from Denver, Colorado (the competition was only open to Australian residents).

Thank you, too, to the lovely lady who hand delivered a very fetching cardboard cutout creation she had made (featuring yours truly) to Macmillan's offices. If it was just up to me, flattery, excellent craft skills, and unmarked envelopes of cash would get you everywhere, but the judges were of far better character than myself.

The good people at Macmillan did send the shortlist to me in Mombasa, Kenya, and in between posing for pictures with my fan club, drinking cocktails with little umbrellas in them, and cleaning my nine-millimtre, I did go through the finalists' entries with a steady hand and a clear mind. I, too, agreed that Kelvin deserved to win.



Anonymous said...

Congrats to Kelvin.
Thought about selling wife on the black market but if I'd won wouldn't have had anyone to go with me. would've had to take the mother-in-law instead and that'd be a no-brainer.
Never thought of selling a testicle...damn...coulda been a contender...

fmhali said...

Firstly congratulations to kelvin. I am very jeolous!
Is there any chance that Kelvin's entry could be posted so I/we can see what actually won this amazing prize.
And is there any chance the other 5 finalists names could be listed...just to see if I was close?

dozycow said...

Congratulations Kelvin, although I have to admit to being severely envious as it means I am one of the thousands of losers, have a wonderful trip !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kelvin,
you might get to meet Tonka whilst you are over there.
I agree with Alison and am sure that all the LOF's would like to know how smart Kelvin is to win the prize. Looking forward to IVORY....and the updated photo!!!!!Stay safe,

Crookedpaw said...

Congratulations to Kelvin! (Sotto Voce - bloody smart alec).

I'm with Alison. Would love to know what Kelvin said to win such a terrific opportunity. And maybe to see if I came close to being short listed, too.

Oh well, will just have to compensate by reading Ivory when it comes out. Speaking of which, would a $50.00 donation toward saving the rhinoceros help me obtain an autographed copy, so it matches all your other books?

Congratulations to Kelvin once again.

Live long and prosper,


FirstWave said...

Well done Kelvin - you stuffy old bugger!

FirstWave said...

Well done Kelvin - you stuffy bugger!

Anonymous said...

I think my failure to win the prize was due to my ineptness in entering under my nickname/handle of Anonymous. Hence I was uncontactable!!!!!!!!!

Oh and another thing....I'm sick of all these fakes Anonymous' ripping my name off!

Anomymous 2 said...

Yeah! me too

ali g said...

Well done Kelvin! Hope the lions eat you. Couldn't enter due to some antiquated law about being related to the author which really sucks. Never mind..will get there somehow
even if have to suck up to the author when he sells the film rights to 'Ivory' and wheedle a trip over in his private jet ....

smike said...

Hello from Kelvin.

A competent writer, I am not
and I fear, if my words were
exposed, you'd boo & jeer - what rot
I'm better than him you would all swear
and you'd be right to blubber
cause I'm a very lucky bugger

As you can see - I AM a very lucky bugger!

To quote (the late) Big Kev "I'M EXCITED"!

Grateful thanks to all who have and who will participate in providing this wonderful opportunity for me to fulfill a lifelong dream. I'm doubly blessed because I can take someone to share this with.

Thank you.