Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Over the top chaps and chapesses... Follow me!

Achtung, Legion of Fans. Eyessssss left!

Here you will see what blogging people call a 'widget' entitled 'followers - join the Legion, now!'.

This is where you can nail your colours to the mast by clicking on follow this blog and proudly tell the world that instead of working or spending time with your loved ones you are, in fact, skiving off with me... like me, in fact.

Let us see your smiling happy faces here, or your anonymous profiles. Also, please feel free to construct multiple fraudulent personalities so it looks like more people read this blog than actually do.

I am sure the East African Branch of my official fan club (see below) will be taking Osama down to the local internet cafe to sign up, so I urge you two to, too.


ali g said...

2 T-shirts please!
nice camel too.. the black suits him

dozycow said...

Okay, I did it & "nailed my colours to the mast". Loved the t-shirts & have had many a chuckle over your blogs - keep them coming !!