Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy two-zero-zero-niner

Hand/Land Rover Update

Ouch... still a bit store, but still alive on this the second day of a brand new year. Seasons greetings and happy new year to you all, Legion of Fans (LOF), if any of you are still out there.

The stab wound is healing nicely, though I still only have about 20 per cent use of my left hand. I will commence full physiotherapy just as soon as the scar closes over and as soon as I tire of Mrs Blog cutting up my food for me (that may take a wee while longer than the skin re-growing).

Tonka the Land Rover is, or should I say was, in fine form until this morning, when I had to replace his number one injector fuel pipe. Fortunately, I had a spare in my tool kit (how manly is that?). Unfortunately I cracked the end of the spare while fitting it (how spazzo is that?). Fortunately, I was able to get the spare number two pipe and bend it into shape - one handed, because of my stab wound - and make it fit in the number one position. How f-ing bush-mechanic he-man is that, I ask you? We'll see how long it lasts.

Competition closes...

Thank you to the THOUSANDS (and for once, on here, I am not exaggerating) of readers who entered the fabulous win-a-luxury-safari-to-Africa competition run in conjunction with the release of SILENT PREDATOR. The competition has now closed.

Cue drumroll.... and keep it rolling until January 16 (I think) when the judges will have read every entry and will make their decision.

Excited? I am. I can't wait to find out who won, and to ingratiate myself with the winner so that hopefully they will let Me and Mrs B sleep on their couch when they stay at Tinga Luxury Private Game Lodge. Perhaps they will also spirit us aboard the luxurious ROVOS Rail train, the Pride of Africa, in their antique steamer trunks. Who knows. Stay tuned to the website.

Books galore in 2009

I currently have not one, not two but THREE books underway at the moment, LOF. Yes, I am busier than a one-handed writer. In fact, I am a one-handed writer.

Book number six... (what the heck, shush... don't tell anyone, but it's called IVORY will be out in late July/early August 2009). I'm nearly finished the first draft of number 7 (shush... it's called... number 7) and it will be out in 2010, assuming my attractive, witty, intelligent publisher accepts it.

Thirdly, and very excitingly, I have finished a first draft of a my first non-fiction book. I've been co-writing the autobiography of a very interesting oke (bloke/guy) who works with tame lions here in South Africa. This is such big news that I will write a whole separate blog post about it soon. It's been commissioned by St Martin's Press in the US (Macmillan's affiliate over there) and is due for release in Fall 2009, whatever that means. I'm hoping it will be published in Australia as well.

Why the military numerical terminology in the headline?

Why, because I've just got a deal to write a non-fiction military book for Macmillan... I could tell you more but I'd have to... well, I'm sure you know the rest. I'll be working on that one this year as well, and will shamelessly self-promote it at the appropriate time.

Thank you, LOF, and random googlers, for all your comments and support during 2008. I resolve this year to blog more and stab myself less.


rhodie-jeff said...

Hi Tony & Lady Blog,
Just read the latest on your 'book offers'. What an achievement! you both must be really buzzing. I'm on the verge of my first book's final edit before sending it off to some unsuspecting agent. A western, called 'Hands-up the Sherrif's Daughter'. (Joking.) Like yours, Africa orientated but more on the historical fiction side. Throw the bones for me.
All the best to you both for the new-year. Look forward to more news on your latest writings.

ali g said...

The best thing so far in our 2009 calender is the fact that "IVORY" will be released. Also look forward to the "Lion Whisperer"? and the other "military" one in the planning.
Enjoy your break in Mombasa. sounds very nice.
While there could you find out if 'that water really lives in Mombasa' ?

Java said...

Looks as if I'm still checking your spelling. Oke must be Okie. ie gives you the "ee" sound as in SannIE. I'll charge you a free signed copy for this, no worries man.

Anonymous said...

An 'Okie' is from Oklahoma so a guy from there living in Seth Efrica would be an okie oke....okie doke?

Helen said...

YEY...bring it on! Love your stuff. I lived in and taught in Namibia and you bring back so many memories plus a super storyline.

Anonymous said...

a non-fiction military book....?

OK, Mum's the word! But...ya gunna need to shut the cakehole with a cheesburger.

JR said...

A cheeseburger? How cheaply do some people sell themselves out for...I'd want fries with that!