Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Travelling north

Heading north, tomorrow, Legion of Fans (LOF) into Zimbabwe, so you won't be hearing from me for a while (don't worry, mother, it's just because the internet connection ranges from cr*p to non-existent).

Thank you to my seven followers - I had no idea there were so many of you out there. Your cheques are in the mail. Dear Anonymous, get a profile and show yourself.

I'm just about to email a blog post to my very good friends at Getaway Magazine so keep an eye out over there for something sensible, with absolutely no references to Don Dunstan or Safari Suits.


ali g said...

Zim eh so don't forget your cholera pills and per rhodie-jeff better keep the SS in your suitcase while there. Mr M might want one too.

Herr Doktor said...

Say hello to Zims for me! Check up the house if you can in BYO. Also sadly disappointed that I did not win the trip - what a bummer! Also could you purchase a safari suit for myself - cammed of course!

rhodie-jeff said...

Say hello to Mugabe for me. 'Missed' him in the 70's.
Bummer. Must have forgotten to allow for the wind?
ps. take care up there and take plenty of Rands to bribe your way through the crowds at Beit Bridge.

tonypark said...

Herr Doktor I had you down for a powder blue Safari Suit - with long socks and shoes it's acceptable attire for the mess.

Nice one, Rhodie Jeff.

Don't worry ali g, we have taken our choldera muti.

No doubt Mr M will have some fond memories of the Safari Suit. I'm sure Hawkey wore one when he and the other CHOGM leaders went toadying along to the Victoria Falls meeting in the early eighties.

Java said...

Enjoy but stay safe!!

Trin said...

Well, finally got here!! Have no idea how I got onto the other site/blog/whatever - not bad to get in first though when I dont know what I'm doing!! The problem is that I am trying all this out with time restrictions so by the time I've half worked out what I'm doing I have to scoot - then nothing has cemented itself into the scone properly - off I go, Wangaratta calling. I am assured I will always get at the very least a chuckle when I visit here. PS, glad to help with the Ivory