Friday, February 06, 2009


13 followers, eh? And I was sure there were only six of you out there. If you two Anonymouses would make up names for yourselves, and if the men who continue to google "sexy ladies in gorilla masks" would nail their masts to the colours we might even get close to 20!

Mr Blog is very busy, Legion of Fans (LOF) frantically trying to finish the first draft of Book Number 7 (catchy title, eh?) so no time to blog too much today. I don't wish to incur the wrath of my extremely attractive, brainy and (living) Grace Kelly-lookalike publisher by not delivering on time.

So, I will offer you two pleasant diversions that I found in between working very hard. 1. , and 2. I Hate . Astute followers will know that I am a Safari Suit Ambassador and that I will do anything in my power to dissuade people from the urge to wear colourful plastic clogs.

Dozycow, please accept my apologies. I should have prefaced the previous post with a preface that said: "Warning, the following post contains images of deceased bovines".

Do you own a pair of Crocs, LOF? If you don't, then tell me what you think of them. If you do, and you are a Follower of this blog then I salute your right to choose your own footwear. If I am brave enough to wear a Safari Suit in public then I must also congratulate you, too, on your courage.


ali g said...

Would you hate socks with crocs more that socks with sandals?
As you may recall you totally terrified me out of wearing socks with sandals ever again..
Had a look at the I hate crocs website. The Korean chap was rather expressive in his support for them I thought...
Mother Blog found a picture of Hawkey in the paper yesterday wearing an SS, carrying a man-bag and with his hair combed forward. She has kept it for you for your scrapbook.

dozycow said...

Apology accepted - not too badly traumatised at all........
Alas poor Miranda has completed her circle of life although I'm sure the lions gave her a fitting send off.
What about croc handbags ?

Anonymous said... is a bit too camp for my tastes.
May I be so bold as to recommend a site for REAL men. all your safari suit requirements

(Bar girls not included)

Java said...

They look comfy, I hear they are comfy but so far no one in our family owes a pair! Apparently great for being on pool deck, what they were intended for in the start, it's almost like as if reef walkers became popular, wrong shoe wrong purpose, it's for WATER activities.
Too expensive for my taste, piece of rubber but the cheaper ones aren't worth it I hear too. So No.
It looks to sweaty too?

Helen said...

can't see where to click to become a sheep? (follower?)

Trev said...

Agree with Anonymous there. Too many chaps in frocks methinks.

rhodie-jeff said...

What about Safari Suits for ladies? Matching powder-blue blouse, skirt and again, open-toed sandals with long socks! C'mon misses Blog - might even start an Oz fashion revolution! Cut a dash with hubby at next year's Alice Springs Book Fair!