Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mr Blog "On Air"

First up, Legion of Fans (LOF) thanks to all of you who have so far given me feedback about writing a crime novel set in Johannesburg. I value your comments and now know that the way to your hearts is 1. Free stuff; 2. Pictures (preferably of bovine animals) and, 3. Being asked for your point of view. I'll be giving this matter a good deal more thought.

One of the things I (seriously) like about this whole blog/website caper is hearing from those people who are intelligent, educated, and cool enough to buy my books.

The matter of crime/thriller novels set in southern Africa, particularly in the African bush, is the subject of today's post.

It is with not a little joy and pride that I serve up today's dose of shameless self promotion.

A friend of mine in South Africa informed me yesterday that the absolutely lovely Ms Jenny Crwys-Williams who presents a weekly book show on South Africa's radio 702 AM had given me another mention on her program. Jenny's is THE definitive radio program to be on if you are in the writing game. I was over the moon to be on her program last September.

This week, Jenny was talking about the lack of crime/thriller novels set in the South African bush. There is a lack, but for me this is a very good thing as it means less competition.

I was doubly thrilled to listen to a podcast of Jenny's show because she not only replayed some excerpts from my interview, but also started her program with an interview with South African crime writer, Deon Meyer. I am a huge fan of Deon's books and his latest, Blood Safari, is set in the South African lowveld - ie the bush.

You can hear the full podcast by clicking here and scrolling down to the Jenny Crwys-Williams section and the book program. You can listen to the podcast straight off the web by cliciking "download" or if you have an ipod (like me) you can click on the iTunes icon and download it onto your computer and then onto your ipod so that you can listen to me over and over again (as I will be doing on the bus home this evening, with a contented smile on my face).

My stuff comes in about halfway during the program, but I order you all to listen to Deon's interview - not only because he says something nice about me, but also because he is a very good writer.

Also, for those of you in and around Joburg, as Jenny rightly says I'll be speaking at a dinner hosted by her sometime soon after I get back to South Africa later this year, probably in late September. Stay tuned for details.


Trev said...

Listened to that with the missus whilst enjoying a bottle of chardy..[yes chardonnay] Tony AND Deon interviews ..just 'The Right Stuff'
Good one Tony!
2nd bottle now being opened

Flea said...

Congratulations, what an honour.

dozycow said...

Well done - a cracker interview