Friday, February 13, 2009

The War Against Terror... how some of us acronym-aware Australian Army visitors to Afghanistan used to describe what we were doing in that particularly dusty country, Legion of Fans (LOF) when I was there in 2002.

Why do I digress from Africa to Afghanistan? Had me a bit of a flashback moment when I was trying to think of something vaguely sensible to write about Mombasa, that's why. I wrote this blog, about the merits of Mombasa as a holiday destination, vs the slightly better-publicised Zanzibar, for Getaway Magazine's website a while ago and it's just been uploaded.

Right now I'm coming to you live from O.R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, (the airport formerly known as Jan Smuts). I had good intentions to blog the next instalment of my recent bovine adventures in Zimbabwe, but a quick bit of googling revealed that my Mombasa v Zanzibar post on Getaway is now there for all to read.

This is a good thing as it's a nice (reasonably) sensible post (despite the typos) and it saves me having to write something creative from the British Airways lounge (where I am now reposing), which in turn allows me to consume more free beer and nibblies.

I'm on my way 'home' to Australia, so it's probably just as well I'm not up to date with my Africa travels on here as I will be able to spin them out over the next few months until I return.

So, off you go, if you will, LOF and read about all the big issues - the war, lobsters, litter, and ladies in Burquas.

Getaway has now made it much easier to post comments so I encourage you all to do so, so that the web editor at Getaway thinks I really do have a legion of fans. If you do I will send you a free gift.

I am not joking this time - this is out and out bribery. I intend to get some stubbie coolers (beer coolers) made to promote the release of my next book and I hereby give notice that anyone who posts a comment on the Getaway Blog will be entitled to a free one.

So, if you missed any of the previous dozen or so links, please click here to read my latest post on the Getaway website.


Flea said...

"I'm (?) on my way 'home' to Australia,"
What have you done to Mrs.Blog?

dozycow said...

Oh getaway (bribe accepted)with you,more bovine adventures ? I hope they prove a "livelier" tale than the last one.