Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't follow me, I'm lost

Just kidding... I want, no, NEED you to follow me.

Perhaps I need guidance with my fashion sense, LOF, but I am willing (and able) to lead you into the wilds of Africa and the perils of travelling in places where people whear plastic clogs.

A few of you have commented or emailed saying you have had difficulty in joining my (slowly) growing band of followers, whose attractive, wise vasages you will see on the left of this blog.

I never thought I'd be showing anyone how to do something on a computer, but I just signed up Mrs Blog, so now I can show you how it's done.

Simply click here and you will be invited to creat a Google account, which is (unless you have your own blog) the quickest and easiest to creat a simple profile and become a follower. After that, follow the prompts, as we say in internet-land.

To log in and become a follower, click on 'follow this blog' at the top left of the blog.

Thanks to those of you who pointed out the men dressed as ladies on the safarisuit.com website. I must admit I was focussing more on the fashion than the five o'clock shadow so don't read too much into my endorsement of this website.

To one of the anonymouses who posted a link to safarisuits.biz I thank you very much. This is a well-thought-out site and gains extra points for having two bright orange short wheelbase Series III Land Rovers in its fetching masthead. However, I must say that at first glance my Kenyan-made safari suit is, I believe, of superior quality. Also, taking note of the prices quoted on safarisuits.biz I may be calling my personal tailor, Boniface, in Mombasa with a view to setting up a little business of our own.

Fear not, LOF, that I will soon be enthralling and rewarding you with more tales of cows, dead and alive, as well as an update on beer and burger prices in strife-torn Zimbabwe.

First, though, I have to finish the edits on my forthcoming collaborative non-fiction book. Stay tuned for details...

Also, I think it's about time I posted some more animal pictures.

Or, better still, why don't the 13 of you (Mrs Blog doesn't actually pay much attention to this blog) tell me what you want to see here?


ali g said...

Would still like to see the pictures of the ladies in thr gorilla masks if its not too much trouble..

dozycow said...

Maybe a handsome buffalo (live - not deceased) would make a nice change....

Trin said...

Maybe I should have called myself dozy cow two, as I am STILL having hassles (and I did consider myself pretty computer literate). Here goes for the fourth time today....
Would love to see animals, animals, animals, scenery, sunsets, sunrises, silouettes - basically anything African to complement (or not) your stories - and a few shots of people other than you in your ss leaning over/against beloved - and I dont mean Mrs Blog (sorry, you're not Danny). Having said that, bathtub was good. Oh shxt, maybe I should delete that - no, just mean faces of Africa.... Yay, looks like I can send this as me - maybe anonymous would be better!!