Saturday, October 17, 2009

Big news next week

Phew, Legion of Fans (LOF), this relaxing life of leisure I lead can get exhausting sometimes.

The small but perfectly formed Mrs Blog and I are slowly but surely getting our camping life sorted out here in the Kruger National Park. I have lots of news for you, but I also have one book to write and two to edit, so I plan on blogging in short bursts for the forseeable feature. I also have to resurrect my Getaway Blog, so be prepared to be diverted over there for the weighty, meaningful stuff.

Here, all you'll get is fluff, pictures (to come shortly once we get around to downloading them) and shameless self-promotion.

On the shameless self-promotion front, my latest book, IVORY is officially (make that supposedly) out now in South Africa.

I've been reliably informed by my publishers that October 4 was the official release date, but I haven't seen any in the shops yet. If you are one of our South African readers please feel free to stamp your feet and pound on the counters in your nearest Exclusive Books or CNA branch because if they haven't got my book in yet, then they jolly well should have.

In coming blogs I'll be talking about the newest edition to the Blog family, "Broomas", our bouncing baby (well, 12-year-old) Land Rover Defender; my appointment as Patron of a wildlife charity (seriously); the most evil vervet monkey on earth; the price and quality of camping gadgets in South Africa; and the perils and pitfalls of registering a vehicle in this country (but I won't be doing that until I actually have finished registering Broomas, just in case some vengeful bureaucrat is keeping tabs on me on the blog while my application for a Traffic Registration Number is being processed).

Too much news, too little time, too much writing and editing to do, too much beer to drink.



ali g said...

Hope Tonka doesn't drop a crankshaft when he comes home from hospital and finds Broomas has moved in....

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, Dr's Kervorkian and Nietsche are now consultants to Tonka's palliative care program.

Stuart Pithey said...

Got a copy of Ivory at the airport on Friday (OR Tambo) in the Exclusive books store.

Trev said...

Story of my life..last time I came home from hospital there was a Mercedes parked in the driveway.

tonypark said...

Rumours of Tonka's demise are exaggerated.

He's getting his wheel wobble and injector fuel pump sorted out as we speak (In fact, I suspect Dr Frik will be sorting him out the night before we are due to see Tonka again, some time in January next year).

Rest assured that Tonka will ride again. (Even if we have to buy him an A Frame so that Broomas can tow him).