Monday, October 26, 2009

Hellooooo, breakfast.

Suffering suckotash... click on this pic to enlarge it (if you have bad eyes like me). This is a real pic I took of a lioness in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, taking a very close interest in some national parks workers (to the right of the pic) who were repairing the water pump at the Dom waterhole.
Feel free to email this pic to millions of people around the world, with my blog address attached, so that I will become famous.


Les said...

Like any female she is just checking that the are doing a proper job.

Hope you are enjoying your stay
Thanks for the super pics.

Trev said...

From the shadow cast beneath that pussy cat looks more like 'Hellooooo lunch'...
So what happened? did those guys get et?

tonypark said...

Trev, you have caught me out. It was lunch.

She ate the lot of them, burped, rolled over and said: "at least they weren't Chinese tourists. I hate thost things - you eat three, then half an hour later you're hungry again."

normana53 said...

Hi Tony,

I am a new follower thanks to Martie, who I have been following since she started blogging on her trip of a lifetime. We just recently returned from our first Kruger visit, and for the most part only saw very lazy lions dozing and laying around. Nice to see that they actually can move during daylight hours!
When we were leaving Lower Sabie there was a work party near one of the bridges, they had two Armed Rangers keeping an eye out for their safety.

ali g said...

The little cats & I looked at the pictures of the big cats and they all agreed that it was about time the tables were turned on the Chinamen.
Great pics. Envious of that leopard drinking shot.
Ah.. 45 sleeps to go till Africa again.
Getting twitchies on our twitchies

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Exceptional photos! How could anyone look at these and NOT wish to travel to Africa?

I wonder if anyone is keeping track of how long it will be until Ali g leaves for Africa...


BTW, my 'word verification for leaving this comment on 'Hellooooo, breakfast.' is 'sulad'. Apparently, the workers were even smaller than Chinese tourists.