An Empty Coast

An Empty Coast
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coming soon.. an interview with Martie Goddard

Martie Goddard is a South African woman who has been living in the Middle East for the last 11 years. She's currently spending a year touring the Kruger National Park from top to bottom, all by herself, in a second hand caravan.

Martie is something of a local legend and I'll be posting an interview with her here soon. Watch this space...


dozycow said...

I'll be looking forward to that Tony - have followed her blog for the last few months & her photos are stunning!
PS : Would you be the one to blame for no blog from her last night ?

tonypark said...

Guilty as charged, Dozy. We finished up around the campfire at 1am, which like an all-nighter in Kruger Park terms, where most people are asleep by about 9pm.

I'll be too scared to go out in the park in case Martie's blog fans lynch me!

dozycow said...

Well you're safe from me - I'm still stuck all the way back here.
Martie certainly has a lot of fans & her blog is followed by so many, she is living my dream for sure!
Sounds like you all had a great time though so I won't hold a grudge.
You are certainly becoming well known - your name is mentioned a few times in The Zero Option (page 208 onwards if I recall correctly) which I have almost finished reading...

ali g said...

Ah...53 more sleeps to go till we can sit around the campfire in the evenings too. May even be able to stay up as late as 10pm provided the chardonnay lasts that long.

Checked out Martie's pictures..very nice..