Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thank you all.

Yes, I know I'm very busy, but I've found some time to catch up on my shameless self-googling and can report that all of you Australians who bought IVORY propelled me to number three in the September ranking of the top 10 Australian authors , as resported by the Bestselling Books website .

Thanks. I owe each and every one of you a beer.


ali g said...

very nice..well done
G & K

dozycow said...

Congratulations !!
It's well deserved !!

Karen said...

What excellent news! You should be very proud! Ivory is on my list!

I have--just ten minutes ago--finished reading Zambezi. What a novel! Superb! I truly, truly enjoyed it. And even though I didn't win the book in the Caption Contest (having lost out to that clever captionistro, Ali g) I delighted in the book as if it was my very own autographed copy! ;o)

Thank you, Mr. Park, for that first-rate read!

(And if word gets around about how I dropped Zambezi on the floor of the waiting room in the Dodge dealership when I FELL ASLEEP in front of four good was completely and solely due to having been awake for 22 out of the previous 24 hours. And it all worked out for the best, really...having to pick up the book while discussing my exotic snoring patterns allowed me to talk up Zambezi to the other folks waiting for repairs. I'll bet TP will see a rise in Zambezi sales due to my awesome recommendation!)

Heh. It was just a quick doze...

Crookedpaw said...

Only one beer? I would have expected a slab at least> :)

But don't give all the credit to us. After all, you wrote a book that everyone wanted to read.


Live long and prosper.

dozycow said...

When flying home from Darwin last week I befriended a very nice couple, the husband was reading Assegai - I told him that if he liked Wilbur's books then he would love all of the Tony Park books. He will be looking out for them from now on - surely that deserves a nice glass of merlot...... ?
Btw: Hope you're having fun in Kruger - please say hi to Martie (I read her blog every night & love her photos)
Karen: let me know if you can't find Ivory as I can send it to you easily.

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Dozy, you are so sweet to offer. But I have an certain sympathy for the struggling author (plus I love books, and the more jam-packed my bookcases are, the better!) so I think I'll go ahead and purchase a copy. Besides...Tony has a truck-load of beer to buy! And I'm all for contributing to a worthy cause!

Love you for the offer, though!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere between Tom Kenneally and Tara Moss - that seems about right, dude. Well done.

wentzlfx said...

Who is the struggling author you are talking about ???surely not Tony Park!!
Dozycow when someonethrows your kindness back at you tellthem to go to hell.

dozycow said...

wentzlfx: This blogspot is about friends who share a common interest & as such I find your comment about Karen to be totally inappropriate.
Karen is a wonderful, warm & witty lady who's generosity & support has been invaluable to me !!!

Karen Bessey Pease said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen Bessey Pease said...

Aw!! I deleted a comment I wrote to 'went' started out a little 'witchy'..for I felt the prick of indignation and wanted to defend myself. But truly...this blog is about an awesome novelist...and that type of thing should not be included in his blog.

Wishing the talented TP and his lovely Mrs. Blog all the best!


ali g said...

Sad to see ignorant and ill informed comments from someone hiding behind a cloak of anonyminity.
Particularly about a very kind and generous person who I have the honour and pleasure of calling a very close & dear friend