Friday, July 23, 2010

First review of The Delta

And phew, it's a good one (Mind you, I'm hardly likely to be posting the bad ones here, am I?)...

Click on the pic to enlarge.

Also, don't forget that the unofficial sneak preview launch of The Delta happens tomorrow (Saturday, July 24). I know a couple of you LOF-ers are coming (thankfully). Come join us... beer, rugby, books, me... what more could you want?

Details follow:

Saturday July 24th (Sydney)

Jacaranda Party (to raise funds for the Fred Hollows foundation) Greengate Hotel, Heritage Terrace Room, 655A Pacific Highway, Killara. Australia-South Africa Rugby Test screened live from Brisbane at 8pm on the big screen. Tickets: $40, including a drink and nibblies and donation.
Tickets available from or phone the Turramurra Vet Clinic on 9988 0198


Flea said...

Looking fw to read it!

RobertLW said...

That's a good sign, Tony. Congrats.

ali g said...

Great characters, gripping nail biting story line and oh boy! that TH character is one very baughty girl isn't she?...
must get back to it soon as I've got her ladyship's breakfast ready.

DADFAP said...

Congrats on the review, I am looking forward to finding one of your books to read, not easy to find where we are.
You picked the right match to televise!!!!! I'll be in Namibia for the match against the All Blacks on 31/7, the ONLY time I will be seeking out a TV while we are there!

Trin said...

Looking forward to your trip to Vic in August and meeting both of you. Have heard very good reports so expecting BIG things. And a belated happy birthday is in order I believe - as will be mine!!!

Looking forward to the book launch and to taking MANY photos on my forthcoming travels with your books - be prepared.

PS: Glad to see Claude's back Ali G. Hope you're keeping up the good work re the kgs.

I've told Dozy to beware of what she might find in her sleeping bag...... lucky b.....?!
Oh, I've just seen my word verification - prepred - amazing n- and I am
PPS: CP will you be at book launch in Melb?? Any other lof's - about time we met if so???

gabreil said...

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