Thursday, July 01, 2010

Yes, yes, yes...

Yes, I hear you, clamouring masses (well, Ali G and Heidihi)... I know I have neglected you all and I will be back, very soon.

Just handed in Book 8 (catchy title, eh?) yesterday. 180,000 words and still you want more from me!

The pain, the pain, the pain...

I'm having lunch with Frank Coates tomorrow, so maybe he will inspire me to blog. (Or at the very least I can post a picture of us drinking).

Also, big news to come soon. The release of my next novel, THE DELTA is just weeks away and I have to get around to listing the events on my next (sort of) around Australia tour. This year I will be visiting Queensland, Victoria, WA and, wait for it... Tasmania.

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Samurai25 said...

Unless you post those very same 180,000 words on this blog, yes, we expect more.

However you are forgiven on this occasion because you'll be visiting Victoria in your next tour! Let us know the exact release date of 'The Delta'

And welcome back