Sunday, July 04, 2010

Kimmy.... listen to MOII! Come hear me speak (please!)

It's terribly embarrassing if you're a number two bestselling author and no one shows up for your book talks. (I was the second highest author of Australian fiction, after Tim Winton, 2009, Bookscan verified. Ok, it was only for a week, and there were probably no other new releases that week and, oh, about 200,000 copies difference between me and Tim).

I haven't actually had a no-show, although my record at the lower end of the scale for attendances was five people at a libarary outside Darwin. This actually turned out to be quite a good night, as the librarians had taken the (optimistic) liberty of opening half a dozen bottles of wine before the multitudes arrived. I did my little talk, in record time, and the six of us proceded to get hammered. Great night.

And here I am, once again, just a few short weeks away from commencing my next (sort of) round Australia book tour, to coincide with the launch of my seventh novel, THE DELTA.

Some writers don't like book tours, but I'm not one of them. I mean, what's not to like? I get to talk about my two favourites subjects - myself and Africa - meet interesting people (some of whom have read my books), occasionally get sloshed on ratepayer-funded booze, and stay in hotels and raid the minibar. I mean, really... it's not like working, is it?

And so, without further adieu, I unveil the 2010 DELTA TOUR. There is something here for all tastes and budgets, as long as you live in Victoria, WA, NSW, QLD, Camberwell, or Tasmania. (note, if you are easily confused by dates and times, as I am, the event in this list appears just below the date).

Friday July 30th (Goldcoast)

Angus & Robertson Southport event, Broadbeach Library Sunshine Blvd, corner Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach
Author talk, from 7.00pm

Tuesday August 3rd (Central Coast - Sydney)

Erina Library, The Hive, Erina Fair, Erina
Author Talk from 3.30pm
Contact: Benjamin Hartley, phone: 02 43047499

Wednesday August 4th (Perth)

Dymocks Booragoon event, AH Bracks Library Canning Hwy (cnr Stock Road), Melville. Author talk from 6.00pm.
Contact: Ann Poublon. Email:

Thursday August 5th (Perth)

Angus & Robertson event, Mandurah Library 331 Pinjarra Road, Mandurah. Author talk 2.00pm.
Contact: Debra Dearman 08 9550 3651

Friday August 6th (Perth)

Painted Dog Conservation fundraiser. Hyatt Regency, Freshwater Bay Room, Cnr Adelaide Terrace and Plain Street, East Perth. Tickets $60 including drinks and canapes.
Author talk and charity auctions from 7.00pm for 7.30pm
Tickets: Angela Lemon, email:

Saturday August 7th (Melbourne)

Dymocks Camberwell event, at Ebony Quill, Shop 115/4 Burke Ave, Hawthorn East
Author Talk in the evening (please contact Henk at Dymocks on 03 9882 0032 for timings and bookings, or email:

Sunday August 8th (Launceston)

Petrachs Bookshop, 89 Brisbane Street, Launceston. Author talk from 2.00pm.

Monday, August 9th (Hobart)

Meet Tony for an informal chat at a pub in Hobart, location to be advised, from 5.30pm. (contact me via eamail at tonyparknews(at)gmail(dot)com, if you are interested, and I’ll provide location and other details on request).

Friday August 13th (Sydney)

St Ives Library, 166 Mona Vale Road, St Ives.
Author Talk from 10.30am followed by morning tea & signing.
Contact: Penny Xavier on 02 9424 0453

Wednesday August 18th (Sydney)

Narellan Library event, Corner Queen and Elyard Street, Narellan
Author Talk from 6.30pm.
Contact: Elysa Dennis 02 4645 5039

Friday August 20th (Sydney)

Concord Library event, 60 Flavelle Street, Concord
Author Talk from 1.00pm, followed by afternoon tea & signing.
Contact: Claude Broomhead on 02 9911 6351


tonypark said...

Heidihi, and anyone else in Brisbane, I'm having drinks with some friends in Brisvegas on the evening of Wednesday July 28 if you wanted to drop by. Email me via the website and I can supply details of timings/venue.

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Good luck on your book tour, Tony. I hope lots of folks show up.

I was asked to sign autographs and speak at Sugarloaf Mt. one night this winter... the very same night Seth Wescott (a Sugarloaf boy) won the Olympic Gold Medal. There were two mothers and four children there to hear me-- and even THEY were anxious to leave so they could watch the excitement in Canada unfold! Heh... old Seth might be a good snow-boarder, but I'll bet he leaves dangling participles wherever he goes!


Congrats on your new book. Can't wait to read!


ali g said...

If coming up Mudgee way, drop in if passing by and we'll bake you a snake.
ps. If you bring signed copies of Delta we'll even throw in that old mattress in the garage for you to sleep on

Trin said...

Delta sounds like a cracking read -so glad it's in August, can take away on holiday.
Also pleased you're including Vic in your tour of "duty". Look forward to finally meeting you in person. Shame you're not doing your pub thing in Melbourne rather than Tassie - if it wasn't on a Monday I might have thought about heading down there as a treat.

Ali - where has puss gone?

ali g said...

He's just eaten a plate full of chicken [a midnight snack] & sitting next to me right now as I type although I think he's a bit pussed off with me for replacing him with my ugly dial as he's got his back turned on me...

Trin said...

Ali G...didn't know you were a kiwi at heart

Kazza said...

A kiwi?

I don't get it...