Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm gonna be on top tonight!

We interrupt talk of Africa, books and shameless self promotion for some news that really matters.

Big night in Chez Park tonight, Legion of Fans, because if there is one thing guaranteed to get my pulse racing faster than a charging lion it is attractive ladies behaving badly... No, I'm not talking about Mrs Blog with a spatula, I am talking Australia's Next Top Model.

Yes, believe it or not this is my favourite TV show in the world, and no, I am not gay (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Yes, LOF, tonight is the premiere of ANTM, Cycle 6, with 16 thoroughbred fillies about to get down and dirty in the model mansion.

Spill the beans, Legion of Fans. What is your guilty pleasure, your dirty little secret (keep it clean, folks) that floats your boat out there in TV land? Confess! All of you, confess!

And for your penance I demand that you sit through this, the official trailer for Australia's Next Top Model, 2010. Watch it... it's expensive.


RobertLW said...

Mrs Blog with a spatula?

ali g said...

Gave Sarah Murdoch a ring and she said seeing it's your birthday today she'd drop around later with the girls and help Nicola sort you out with that spatula....and whatever else you might fancy as a birthday present...

dozycow said...

Happy Birthday Tony - I hope you had a great day !

As for favourite TV shows, i like Doc Martin & British Crime/Thrillers, as well as Bones (quirky humour) & 24....but my ulitimate favourite show was NYPD Blue

grandmaberyl said...

My naughty little secret TV love is Perfect Housewife - a BBC creation where two women fight it out to become crowned "the perfect housewife". Guiding them through this difficult task is Anthea Turner (anyone with a name like that must be a domestic goddess). Think of it as ANTM for people who enjoy seeing others shamed for their lack of vacuuming and damask tablecloths!

Anonymous said...

I dont have foxtel anymore damn it! I miss my fix of FTV while I vacuous the carpet.