Monday, March 02, 2009

Come, fly with me... or at least come hear me talk at the Travel Xpo

Brace yourself, Legion of Fans (LOF) for what may be the last word in shameless self promotion...

How are you weathering the Global Financial Crisis? Down in the dumps? How would you like to cure your blues with some exotic booze in a faraway place?

Sound good? If so, then I urge you to seriosuly consider selling the children and/or the car and coming with me on the Tony Park SILENT PREDATOR Safari - a 13-day luxury trip around South Africa taking in my favourite five-star experiences. The trip has been organised by my friends at the Africa Safari Co.

We'll be staying at Tinga Private Game Lodge; Satara Camp in the Kruger National Park (OK, not actually five-star for that bit, but top-notch game viewing); the D'oreale Grande Hotel in Johannesburg; the Centurion Lake in Pretoria and the SAS Radisson Waterfront in Cape Town. How do we get to Cape Town, LOF? Why, the ONLY way to travel in luxurious style of course - on board my choo choo of choice, Rovos Rail's "Pride of Africa".

This safari is, in fact, similar to the competition my good friends at Pan Macmillan ran to promote the launch of SILENT PREDATOR... except you have to pay. How much would you expect to pay for 12 nights/13 days of looxury avec moi, LOF? Go here to find out.

Are you back?

OK, if the budget won't stretch to the Tony Park SILENT PREDATOR safari, how about coming along and seeing me talk at the Sydney Travel Xpo (their spelling, not mine) on March 14 and 15 at The Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour. I'll be talking in Talk Room Number 2 on both days from 12.15pm to 12.45.

You can come and hear me talking about writing books set in Africa, and I'll have another go at convincing you to sign up for the tour. Entry is $13 for adults (and good deals for kids, families and pensioners). Come along and cruise around all the stands and collect lots of brochures. It'll be like being on safari - without the animals and the champagne.

Also, I'll be selling books on the day and if you whisper the secret words (Legion of Fans) you may get an extra discount on on the already heavily discounted price for which I will be selling all my books.

Don't have enough for the safari, the admission to the Travel Xpo or a heavily discounted book? If not, then I seriously suggest you go here and tell me your favourite African movie and you may just win a free SILENT PREDATOR audio book.


Flea said...

Wow that sounds like a trip of a life time!

Trin said...

Sounds more than amazing. Mmmm....maybe I could rob a bank. No, couldn't do it. But could do if had more time to save. Perhaps you could organize another one for next year and give plenty of notice so the financially challenged can scrimp and save - or alternatively make lots of trips to St. Kilda.

dozycow said...

Way down in the dumps, your cure sounds wonderful !!
Alas, no children to sell & car belongs to company......does anyone want to buy a psychotic old cat ?

Alastair&Jess said...

We'll see you at Darling Harbour TP; not sure where we will park the Rover though!