Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hope for Zimbabwe

Well, I for one think a change of pace is needed after our robust little comment-fest over the last post. What do you think, Legion of Fans (LOF)?

So, here's a post on my Getaway Magazine blog about Zimbabwe, which remains (and I say this with tongue nowhere near cheek) one of the safest - in terms of crime - countries I've ever travelled in.

Violent crime exists in Zimbabwe, but the vast majority of it is committed by and on behalf of the Government, and foreign tourists (that's Mrs Blog and me, as few other people bother to visit) are not the target. I think, in fact, that it's a credit to the people of Zimbabwe that despite the best efforts of the President and his Party the country hasn't descended into anarchy.

Anyway, save your comments for the Getaway Blog and read this little story about a tiny ray of hope.

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ali g said...

There was an interesting 'letter to the editor' in the Australian newspaper two days ago from a David price in Victoria if I may paraphrase some of it..
"If Susan Tsvangirai's death was NOT an accident, then would someone please pull the plug on Zimbabwe and put an end to this tyrant's [Mugabe's] pathetic charade once and for all?
I am sick of reading about him and his miserable deeds. Rhodesia was once my home and I will cherish the memory always but I cannot keep holding her hand forever. RIP."
David's comment reminded me of a book I read back in the seventies by John Gordon Davis called 'Hold my Hand I'm Dying"
The book was set in Rhodesia back then and was startingly prothetic about the way Rhodesia was heading and is now.
Rather an apt title for Zimbabwe now in the hands of Robert Mugabe.
Read your Getaway blog very moving

tonypark said...

Interesting Ali. Has anyone else read any John Gordon-Davis? He's a great writer.

The Land God Made in Anger, his book about Namibia, was also a goody, but I still think Hold My Hand I'm Dying is his best.

dozycow said...

I have "Hold my hand...." in my home library, it's been a long (very long) time since I read it so I may just have to dig it out, dust it off & re read it again

TW said...

The only thing Mugabe has ever achieved is to make the Zimbabwe Ruins an all encompassing, ever-changing monument where the entrance fee is now paid at the border post.