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An Empty Coast
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

More pictures? Well, OK, why not...

And so we continue our virutal game drive (yes, because it's easier than me thinking up something to write. Bit brain dead with all these edits, though there is HUGE news coming soon about my first non-fiction book. Promise).

I might have posted this one before, but I like it so much I'm doing so anyway. Mrs Blog and I saw this mummy and baby leopard in the Moremi Game Reserve near Xakanaxa Camp (Xakanaxa, by the way, is going to feature in Book 7). Mrs B wanted to kidnap the baby, but mum might not have been too thrilled.

Here's an oddy. This is a white common Duiker - about a one-in-250,000 occurrence, according to the safari guide who spotted it near Tinga Private Game Lodge in Kruger (common duikers are normally grey). I was lucky enough to get a quick snap before it bounded away. I guess if you're white duiker in the green bush you've got to be pretty quick on your feet (or hooves, or whatever).

Someone say they liked giraffes? Check these beauties out, snapped near the Gomoti River, just outside the Moremi Game Reserve. I even threw in an impala as a bonus.

And another off-beat one. On the left we have two Dikkops (they're the birds). Dikkops have a new name now, but I can't remember what it is (help me out, please, twitchers). Sneaking past them, in search of their eggs, is a youngish Leguuan (for the aussies, a Leguuan is a bit like a Goanna). The birds were squawking like made trying to keep the lizard at bay. This pic was snapped from the now famous (at least on this blog) Lake Panic bird hide in Kruger.

And, saving the best for last (as far as I'm concerned)... here is a serval. We spotted this one on a night drive near the Gomoti River. I've only seen about half a dozen servals in 15 years of travelling to Africa. Servals have long legs and big ears and they leap high in the air and pounce on their prey. All in all, a very attractive and impressive little feline.
Which animal (of all the African animals) are you, and why? (Me... I'm a rhino. Big head, big ears, fat belly, skinny legs, poor eyesight and and a big h......... heart).


dozycow said...

With a nickname like mine do you need to ask ??

I totally love the giraffes however !! What a beautiful picture. Please can you email me a copy so I can print it out & hang in my office - please ??

Is your non-fiction about the "lion whisperer" ? If so then I am hanging for it's release.

I have a wonderful book in my collection called The Wilerness Family by Kobie Kruger about life with her game-ranger husband Kobus in Mahlangeni where they raised a lion cub.I did not put it down once, read it straight through (no sleep that night) laughing & crying throughout. It was an absolute joy to read.

Mother blog said...

Tony darling, you don't have big ears.

Trin said...

Does that mean he has a fat belly and skinny legs Mother Blog?

I wasn't surprised at your latest question seeing profile pictures seemed to be developing a ''slight'' African animal theme. I had already decided to change my picture but this pushed me to do it sooner rather than later.

I am a cheetah...why?

I am a solitary female who usually hunts by daylight (probably explains why I'm solitary). I am tall, slim, long-legged with a small rounded head on a long neck. I have a yellowish-brown coat with a white belly. I like living in the open (but unfortunately live in the jungle). I overheat if exerted for long periods of time (which doesn't happen too often). I don't roar like a lion (unless you threaten me or mine)- I purr, hiss, whine and growl. I am shy - which again explains why I am solitary. I have been described as elegant (normally when I have groomed myself prior to the hunt). I would have been graceful, but I was born with two left feet (oh, I was born with two right too - duh). Enough said.

TP: I'm with Dozy, the giraffes were amazing. The lighting brilliant - was it sunset? Loving the animal shots, but love them much more when then environment showcases too.

Trin said...

Dozy - I've emailed you twice, but TP will send my details just in case. I don't want you to think I have ignored your very kind offer.

Trin said...

Ali G, that's "the", not "then"- just before you start!!

dozycow said...

Trin : no emails have come through as yet so I'll wait for TP to send me your details (or he can send you mine). The book's sitting right here ready to mail off to you.

PS : If I wasn't a "bovine" I would love to be a giraffe - long legged & elegant...

ali g said...

too late Miss Cheetah Ive already reported you to the typo Nazi.

Trin said...

Dozy, so if you were an African animal you would be a buffalo yes?

Having got side-tracked last night onto buffalos, or is it buffalo (pl)? came across an amazing 8 min video featuring same and then some. WELL worth checking out. Google: Battle at Kruger

Trin said...

Hi Doz, me again. My this site is helping me with some self-training. To get the giraffe picture (or any others) click on it with your mouse, right-click and choose the "save as" option and save into your pictures folder. Or choose copy and copy into some other programme (ie Word if you want to make it part of a Word document)". There are a couple of programmes you can download off the net to do some tweaking - CAPPY and GIMP 2. Have had a minor play with these but haven't had time to explore properly.

dozycow said...

Trin - yep, I would be a buffalo alright.
I checked out that video you mentioned - it was amazing !

Your emails finally came thru & I sent you a reply last night - your book will be in the mail tomorrow.

PS : Love your cheetah pic

Helen said...

my heart belongs to the eli...great memory here.

Timepilot said...

Dozy, that is a superb book. It's an amalgam of two seperate books about her time at Mhlangeni and then the other camps where her hubby worked.

Another great book if you can get a hold of it is "A Game Ranger Remembers" by Bruce Bryden who was the former chief ranger (gets a mention in Wilderness Family. I've heard good and bad reports from ladies that have read it but both I and Mrs Timepilot enjoyed it.

Now, back to TP's question (and thank you for the welcome) I guess I would be a Hunting Dog, work well in a team, extremely protective of my pack and quite happily take orders from the boss female ;)

dozycow said...

Thank you Timepilot, I'll try & locate that one too (looks like I'll be haunting the local bookshop for quite some time)

Timepilot said...

Dozy, if you have no luck drop me a line and I'll post you my battered copy. I can always get another one when I'm over there in July :)

dozycow said...

Timepilot, thank you so much !!
If I can't find it locally then I will certainly let you know & maybe take you up on your very kind offer.

Timepilot said...

No problemo just let me know and it'll be in the post.

TP, that's a neat pic of the serval btw. First one I ever came across was in Wankie (Hwange for all you newcomers ;) ) in '72 as a 10 year old kid.

We were camped right on the fence line at Sinamatella. Needed to make a toilet run in the middle of the night, unzipped the tent and stepped out. I'm not sure who got the bigger fright, me or the serval who was about 15 feet away! I've never unzipped a tent or lost my need to go to the loo so fast! It's a big cat when you are only 10.

Since then I've only seen them maybe 4 or 5 times, usually when I was hiking around the old eastern transvaal camping out in the bush.

Viki said...

Hey TP,
while no bird expert, i do happen to know that a dikkop is now called a 'thick-knee', silly if you ask me but anyway....
Pictures are beautiful by the way.