Saturday, March 07, 2009

Vote for me and maybe WIN A FREE BOOK!

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Now, if that's not pork barrelling, Legion of Fans (LOF), then I don't know what is.

I'm taking the Robert Mugabe approach to this year's South African Blog Awards - I'm going to rort them. Unlike the comrade president, however, I won't be using the carrot and the stick approach to get your vote - just the carrot.

If you nominate my Getaway Magazine blog for Best Travel Blog 2009, by clicking on the attractive yellow "widget" above (and let me know of your vote, either via comment or email) you'll automatically go into the draw to receive one free A format (small girly handbag size) paperback of the Tony Park book of your choice.

If you don't nominate me, then I'll come after you with a stick and beat the cr*p out of you.

No, wait a minute... I just said that was not on. No stick. This is, after all, a peaceful democracy we run here at Blogger (at least it was, until Anonymous started making obscure jokes at the expense of us blokes), so there will be no beatings for non-voters (although Anonymous is on her first warning for a spanking unless she stops acting like such a smarty pants).

This blog, sadly, is not eligible for an SA Blog Award, but my Getaway blog just, kinda, sorta meets the criteria.

While the Best Travel Blog is by far and away the most important category in the awards, I also urge you to check out a couple of the SA blogs that I read - Salma-gundi and crabmommy (there are links to both in the list over there on the left somewhere). You might consider entering the crabmommy for Best Overseas SA Blog and Salma-gundi for Most Humourous SA Blog. Why? Because I told you to, that's why.

OK... "enough of the self promotion," I hear you groan. "We come here for the Africa stuff, not to feed your ego, Mr Blog".

Quite right. So, because I can't think of anything else to write right now, here's a little virtual game drive for you.


ali g said...

done X 2. Know not elegible for the book draw but could I go in the spanking miss smarty pants one?

Anonymous said...


dozycow said...

Vote cast - good luck !!

PS : Love the Game Drive pics, will never get enough of them..

Trin said...

Haven't voted yet. That's not because I know I won't win but because I was sidetracked to crabmommy and salmagundi's site, ended up reading them both at length, then tried to vote, need full address so now have to go off hunting for that (I think). I WILL get the hang of this all at some stage.

In the meantime, Tony, you are training us all very well!!
PS: Photos were great - I'm with you Dozy (can't bring myself to say your full name) enough wont be enough

tonypark said...

"draw's off"... I get it. Very clever.

Trin, Dozy, Ali, thank you all, as always. I'll be sure to mention you in my acceptance speech.

Trev said...

Great photos..last pic..what are the lions eating?

tonypark said...

A dead hippos, Trev. Probably died in a fight with another hippo, or of natural causes as it was a big one.

Muriel said...

My nomination's in for you and thanks v v much for punting salma-gundi, boy do I owe you a few beers.

Helen said...

where were these photos taken

Viki said...

have put in my vote. now that i've sold my vote for a chance of winning a book i'd like to recommend a book to Tony and the legion of Fans (should i have used capitals there?. It's called "Twenty Chickens for a Saddle" by Rpbyn Scott, while not nearly as thrilling as certain other books, its a very interesting look at growing up in Africa and all the interesting characters that are part of that.

Viki said...

Sorry, terrible typing there.. it's supposed to be Robyn Scott.

Les said...

voting done
Thanks for the game drive,now I gotta look out the window at the the concrete jungle of Jo'burg

tonypark said...

Thanks all for the votes, and to Viki for the book recommendation.

Helen, the pics were taken at the following spots:

Hippo and malachite kingfisher were taken at Lake Panic bird hide, just near the Skukuza nursery and golf club in Kruger. I'm only an amateur twitcher, but I defy anyone not to be amazed by the number and variety of birds there.

As well as birds Mrs B and I have also seen elephant, bushbuch and kudu there and there is a huge hippos that sometimes sleeps in the water right under the hide's floorboards.

The elephant herd was photographed at another favourite place - Deteema Dam hide in Hwange National Park. Like the other pinnic sies in Hwange you can camp overnight there.

The lions were feeding on a dead hippo in the Olifants River in Kruger.