Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News flash... too many people have too much time on their hands

Amazing and honest-to-God true news, Legion of Fans (LOF). Last month, February, we had 1,001 visits to this blog. That means there are an awful lot of anonymouses out there (as if two weren't enough), or too many of you have too much time on your hands.

Don't you know there's a recession happening? Get back to work, all of you. Immediately!

This latest statistic for monthly visits (according to my sitemeter) is a record for this blog, so I thank you all for your patronage - especially those of you with multiple personalities who log on several times in a day.

Comments are up - as you may have noticed. Personally, I attribute this to controversial subject matter and my recent offers of free stuff. I am now wedded to both strategies.

Full marks to Trin for suggesting the last topic (even if it did degenerate into anarchy). Any more ideas anyone else?

Let us all give a big LOF welcome, too, to all the followers who have joined us in recent times.


Trin said...

Gee, two posts in one day - you must have been chomping at the bit for the last few days of comments to dry up. Re your comments re get back to work, most of the comments are made out of working hours aren't they? Read your Getaway blog on Zimbabwe and agree with Ali G - very stirring - I know it was supposed to be a message of hope but all I could feel was an incredible sadness. Maybe we could hear from some Zimbabwean's their take on their homeland?

PS: Where was the picture taken of the lion on the road?

tonypark said...

Lion pic taken in Kruger, Trin, on an early morning self drive.

For the purists (TW et al), it was just near the tirst turn off to the Napi Loop on the Pretoriuskop-Skukuza Rd.

The Barman said...

Relax, 500 of the visits were you.

dozycow said...

TP - I am working, truly. However as most of my days/evenings are spent at my desk (often awaiting replies from various time zones) I find your blog a very interesting way of passing time & have had many a chuckle there.

Trin - Daisy does sound nice, one of my other nicknames is "Flower" due to a bastardization of my name to "caulifower" (as well as my love of gardening). Dozycow is another story again, & being called dozy is much nicer than dopy, don't you think ?

Trin said...

Now I am skiving off - lunch break and it's raining outside, otherwise I'd go for a walk. Dozy, what a lovely nickname Flower is - Really don't like Dozy Cow - compliments of being regularly called it in earnest when younger. Isn't it funny that a lot of nicknames are poking sh#t? My sister in law was re-named Albert (of Einstein fame) after a particularly ridiculous dopey comment - it stuck.

TW said...

As long as the boss doesn't see your terminal, it's all good. All he can see are the fingers flying over the keyboard and he get's the impression you're working your @ss off and indispensable. Here's a starter list on how to look busy during the recession:

1. Never, ever laugh out loud when reading the blog.
2. Lean over, pick up some papers and shuffle them occasionaly.
3. Every now and again, swear loudly. Gives the impression you're under enormous stress due to the immense workload.
4. When replying to one of TP's questions, scowl at the terminal and say out loud 'Jeez, this oke's wasting my time. How many more times do I have to respond to him?'

Anonymous said...

While you are speaking at the Travel Expo about visiting Africa, I'm afraid we will be next door at the Pool Expo spending the money we would otherwise have spent on Africa...

Several years of lounging at home in summer beat possible carjacking, bilharzia and too many hours in plane with the short people. Blame the Prof. I do.

But we'll pop over to see you. Will your short person be there?

Orig Anon.

Anonymous said...

Clarifying: will pop over to your bit of Darling Harbour.


tonypark said...

And you, the same anonymous who cut her arm in a Durban disco are scared of Bilharzia?

Yep, the small but perfectly formed Mrs B will be with me... she has to fill in the receipt book for the hundreds of books I'll be selling.

Beer afterwards, if you haven't drowned.

LIttleAud said...

TP as I don't want to "twitter" any time soon (nor do I want to try to remember another password - mainly due to the dementia)are you still going to 'blog on the spot'- after all TP you got me into this is the first place! Or are you one of those extraordinary, exceptional men who can (cough) MULTI-TASK? Ha, ha, ha!