Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Les, Trin... come on down! You're both winners!

Here she is, Legion of Fans (LOF), the diminutive Mrs Blog, drawing the lucky winner of a fabulous SILENT PREDATOR Audio Book (published by my very good friends at Bolinda) from her pith helmet (note careful product placement in the background).

In fact, we were both so overcome with excitement during the draw that I instructed Mrs B to draw not one, but two lucky winners.

The winners are.... Les, from South Africa, and Trin, from Australia. How sportsmanlike is that? One winner from each of our great nations (and it wasn't even rigged).

If you've just joined us, to be in the running for this (very generous) competition, Les and Trin and many other loyal readers posted their favourite African movies here.

I thank you all for your comments and rest assured this is just the first of many giveaways I have in store for the future (well, as long as I keep getting published and publishers keep sending me free stuff).

Congratulations, Les and Trin, please email me your names and addresses to mail(at)tonypark(dot)net.

And now, to round off our African movie phase I leave you with this long and lovely trailer of the John Wayne epic, Hatari. The trailer includes special bonus scenes, namely Elsa Martinelli nude in the bathtub, and the Duke, big John Wayne, reluctantly succumbing to Elsa's very forward and very continental advances ("I ain't gonna kiss ya, I ain't gonna kiss ya.... the HELL I ain't).

(Warning, several game capture vehicles and stunt doubles were harmed in the making of this movie)


Flea said...

Congrats Les and Trin.
Cool video clip, I loved it. Now next photo can we please see Mrs Blogs face? Gargoyle lost his photos on the works camera, can you imagine!!

Les said...

Thanks Flea and thanks to Tony and Mrs Blog.This is a first for me.

Trin said...

Woooo hoooo!!! Thanks for CONGRATS Flea! I agree, Mrs Blogs"' face would be good, but she has great arms(I'm into arms of the non-explosive variety) you can check mine out if you have the Eagles DVD they taped in Melbourne). Thanks Mrs Blog - glad you got involved, otherwise it may have been "Congratulations Les....".Good for you too Les - love your photo too. Ali G - don't cry...I know Tony will look after you...Thanks TP

Les said...

Thanks Trin congrats to you too.This is so cool.I am very near Jo'burg so I did what they do I nicked the pic from another South African on some other blog.

Trin said...

Sorry Tony, (this isn't about you - you're just the portal in this instance) but Les........ stop being a woose (Australian for whimp, cop-out) how about putting some details on your profile - it took me a couple of months, but I finally did it - you should too).

Les said...

Ok Trin I will, you sure it's not wuss

Anonymous said...

Both Wuss and Woose are technically correct, dictionary describes wuss as 'physically weak and inneffectual and woose as 'lightweight, coward, sh*tbag & a big girls blouse.
A woose is also [in Canada] a cross between a moose and a walruss and often seen late at night by persons leaving places of intoxication.
Here endeth the lesson

tonypark said...

Now, now everyone, let's not start casting stones about profiles and spelling.. let us all celebrate Trin and Les' good fortune.

If you don't all behave then there will be no more fabulous giveaways.

Ali G, stop sulking, take a teaspoon of cement, and leave a comment. (You know very well where to get cheap audio books).

Having said all that, Anonymous if you don't create a profile soon and don't stop adjudicating spelling then I will not ever buy you a schooner of VB again.

I hope I have made myself clear on all these points.

Les and Trin, your prizes are in the mail.

ali g said...

Have been busy with alternatives [ie hanging about pubs buying tickets in chook raffles]
Didn't win anything but at least THEY let me buy a ticket...sigh
Congrats to Trin & Les.
I won a Mercedes Benz once but that's not like winning a TP talking book.
Maybe I'll be allowed in the draw for the upcoming TP safari if I stop my sulking?
I've cowboyed up now thank you Parks

dozycow said...

Well done Les & Trin - Congratulations !!! Mrs Blog did good,a lthough I do feel sad for Ali G hopefully a chook win will cheer him up.
My local pub has a weekly "joker" draw which has jackpotted to $3000, alas, I can't even win a ticket to go into the draw but I'm gonna keep trying....

Anonymous said...

Les - sorry to advise that your invention has been around since Adam

Trev said...

I know who the 1st anonymous is but not sure who is the 2nd one is. Apart from that a talking vibrator has got to be a winner Les... mighta been there since Adam was a pup but you then couldn't plug 'em into the power socket to fire 'em up back then.. .just teach it to take out the garbage as well and us chaps have gotta look at becoming some what obsolete. its a worry...its a worry goddam it janet!

Les said...

Thanks for telling me anonymous I know very little about them,all the woman I know don't need them.
Thanks for the support Trev

Anonymous said...

Les and Trevor - you missed the joke entirely.

Who/what was Adam? Could he talk? Did he have a tool? He didnt need to be plugged into a socket.

Are you there yet boys or do I need to spell it out? And as most of you are already trained to take the garbage out, no probs.

tonypark said...

The sooner you get back to writing your own blog, anon, the better for all us blokes.

In the meantime,,, root, shoot, or marry?

Kevin Rudd,

Joe Hockey.

Jacok Zuma.

Trev said...

Did Adam ever actually get to speak to Eve? Could never get a word in edgewise I read.[see 1st chapter Old Testiment]
Anyway did get the joke but make it a policy to try & ignore ones made by very naughty girls like you.

Crookedpaw said...


dozycow said...

Exactly what Crookedpaw said - Huh ????

Anonymous said...

As Tony's original Anonymous editor, I want it on the record that I almost never correct spelling in comments. I much prefer to pick on the man himself.

That said, I am totally behind Anon comment-correcter number one here.

In Australian terms it is most certainly "wuss" as the preferred spelling, but the "woose" variation has great potential and just saying it out loud is bringing back fond memories of a backpacking Canadian quarterback that I once knew (and oh how I knew him...)

Ahem. So, Tony, it wasn't me and you can stop sending me rude messages suggesting it was or else I won't vote for you in your latest ego-drive.

Anon (The Original)

ps - the word verification is "apeholed1", which sounds like something the pirate monkeys might to do - or in - your tent.

Trev said...

doesn't matter . us blokes still want to spank you anyway......