Thursday, June 19, 2008


No, it's not the latest expose of Melbourne's sordid underworld, it's a technical term for what happens when you go to lunch in Lygon Street and forsake the pair of running shoes and shorts you foolishing packed in your carry-on bag before embarking on the great round Australia (except for South Australia) book tour.

Beef cheeks and farfalle (which I learned is the correct term for the little bow ties) pasta is as deadly as it sounds, Legion of Fans (LOF). Guaranteed to pusha da paunch over the belt.

Arrogant Sydney-siders (like myself) be advised... Melbourne is actually quite nice.

There. I've said it.

Pleasingly plumped after lunch, even the wonky architecture was growing on me (OK I made that bit up) as my hard-working publicist, J, chauffered me from interview to interview, from bookshop to library, to cafe.

But, as always (and I am not making this up) I'm finding the best thing about being on the hustings is meeting people. Today I put a face to Crookedpaw - regular commenter on this blog and occasional reviewer of my books - and his lovely partner, S; and to Mr Trevor Himstedt of Radio Sport 927 (AKA 2k wireless to NSW readers) who has been interviewing me by phone for the past four years.

I signed some books at Dymocks, Doncaster, and rounded out a pleasant day with a talk to a very pleasant group of patrons of the Knox City Library in the evening. Special guest star at this event was another regular blog commenter, JR, better known as the (partial) inspiration for Mike Williams, the lead character in my first book, Far Horizon.

We talked African politics and drank beer and went for a ride in his immaculately restored Series IIa short wheelbase Land Rover (not necessarily in that order).

And they call this working?


tonypark said...

And a big cheerio to Heidihi in Brisvegas, and Mr Heidihi; and to Barbara, who I met today; and Todd and family, and Margaret, and everyone else I've spoken to on the tour.

Crookedpaw said...

Pleasure went both ways. Thank you for taking the time to talk to a wannabe.

Taken your advice and have Mr. Kings' book beside the keyboard.


ali g said...

Would you like to come to the next meeting of 'overbellys anonymous'? We could nip out for pasta and beer afterwards

redcap said...

Still can't believe they don't consider Adelaide worth a visit :P ~sniff~