Saturday, June 14, 2008

You'll see every part of me in Victoria

Well, almost. I will, in fact, be clothed, but the heading to this post is a rather lame take-off of Victoria's current tourism marketing campaign.

I shall be setting off, with my enormous ball of string, and unravelling it across country dale and down city street, dodging trams, wonky public art sculptures, AFL fans and black-clad (why does everyone in Melbourne wear black?) Victorians from June 16 to 19 during the next phase of my round-Australia (except for South Australia) book tour.

Come see me, LOF, at any (or all) of the following locations, because there is nothing worse than showing up to your own book signing event and finding you are the only one there...

Mon June 16, 6.30 pm – Collins Booksellers Event, Sunbury Library, Macedon St .

Tues June 17, 7.00 pm – Newcombe Library Event, Centro Shopping Centre, Cnr Bellarine Hwy & Wilsons Rd.

Wed June 18, 12.30 – Dymocks Signing, Westfield Shopping Centre, Doncaster, Melbourne

Wed June 18, 7.00 pm – Knox City Library Event, 425 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South. Contact Borders for more information.

Thurs June 19, 12.30 – Collins Booksellers Literary Lunch, Melbourne - contact Collins Melbourne for more information

Thurs June 19, 6.30 pm – Collins Booksellers Literary Dinner, Bairnsdale – contact Collins Bairnsdale for more information


tonypark said...

PS: Crookedpaw, I expect you to invite all your friends and relations to the Doncaster event so that it looks like I am famous.

Crookedpaw said...

Told everybody I know, even some I don't know.

It's now in the hands of the gods, but you know you'll get at least one person there on Wednesday. Look forward to saying hello.


Zimbabwejohn said...

Listening to you on 774 today made me homesick for Africa; I am australian but lived in Zimbabwe in tghe 90's doing community development - nice place - THEN!
Anyway I live in Geelongf and did not know you were in Geelong tonite, I missed you by a few hours, if 774 had anounced that I would have been at Newcomb Library.
Anyhow I hope to return to Africa and stand again on the edge of Victoria Falls with my now 5 year old daughter who is BUSTING to go to Africa, (her favourite animal is a Zebra)for now though, Werribee Zoo is a little piece of Africa that we visit from time to time.

tonypark said...

Zimbo John I'm pleased you heard me on 774 with the very witty Mr Richard Stubbs, but very sorry you couldn't make it to the Newcomb event. Would have been great to catch up.

Hopefully we can cross paths in Africa - at the Falls - some time.