An Empty Coast

An Empty Coast
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

There is only one thing I can't do now that I could do when I was 19...


Book launch on Thursday night. (Groan).


redcap said...

Oh dear, are you babalas? If you can't have a hangover after your book launch, when are you entitled to one? Try Gatorade and four Panadol.

I haven't even hit page 50 yet and you've already got me Africa-sick. It's a sad state of affairs when one thinks of a petro plaza and gets sentimental, isn't it? You had me smiling with pulling onto the shoulder and flashing your lights, but Jacaranda FM had me laughing out loud. Ag, man, that's a lousy radio station :)

tonypark said...

Come on Red, Jacaranda 94.2FM is your soothing companion.

Sit back, relax, and succumb to the Bee Gees. You know you want to.

ali g said...

babalas beater = banana, peanut butter and honey sandwich washed down with coke....true.. Great night nice people..

BJ said...

Looking forward to meeting you on the 26th at Zebra's in Perth.


Java said...

Ha ha ha ha ... too true!

Zimbabwejohn said...

Listening to you on 774 today made me homesick for Africa; I am australian but lived in Zimbabwe in tghe 90's doing community development - nice place - THEN!
Anyway I live in Geelongf and did not know you were in Geelong tonite, I missed you by a few hours, if 774 had anounced that I would have been at Newcomb Library.
Anyhow I hope to return to Africa and stand again on the edge of Victoria Falls with my now 5 year old daughter who is BUSTING to go to Africa, (her favourite animal is a Zebra)for now though, Werribee Zoo is a little piece of Africa that we visit from time to time.