Monday, May 25, 2009


Yes, Legion of Fans (LOF), groaning... and not in a good way.

I am buried in work. All for you, LOF, all for you (and the mortgage and the Land Rover, of course).


1. About to commence absolute last and final read-through of IVORY

2. Doing last minute edits on Book 7 (due for submision to my beautiful, brainy, witty, Grace-Kelly-lookalike (when Grace was alive) publisher, C, next week)

3. Finishing off second non fiction book. You know, the one about...


I'm cramping up just writing the update.

You get the picture. Sorry for the lack of blogging. Normal mundane transmission of frippery and trivia will resume soon.

The other reason for my stress is that I have a ship to catch. No, not a pirate ship, a cruise ship - the MV Pacific Dawn. Yours truly has been invited to be the first ever author to cruise the high seas and speak to Pacific Dawn's inaugural on-board book club. Yes, the book club-afloat will be reading SILENT PREDATOR during their voyage to Tahiti, departing Sydney Jun 4.

Stick that in your Mr Juicy bottle and smoke it, Sydney Writers' Festival organisers!

I, salty sea dog that I am (after writing a pirate book), will be on board until the ship berths in Tonga on June 11.

See what I do for you LOF? See how I suffer for you in the name of my art, and the art of shameless self-promotion?

(PS: Don't forget, I'll be at the Literati Dinner at the Gold Coast Arts Centre this Friday night, May 29, and talking at Southport Library the next day with my good mate and fellow drinker Peter Watt).

What about you, LOF? Keeping busy?


Timepilot said...

Flat out like a lizard drinking!

It's that point of our project where mods come thick and fast and someone has to make sure the commercial side is covered!!

Lucky so and so by the way TP!!! Free(ish) cruise!

dozycow said...

Way too busy to even scratch as FYE is looming ever closer.

Have fun on the high seas -although one would have thought that any self respecting book club had already read Silent Predator.........

dozycow said...

PS : Hello Timepilot - I am still having no luck in locating a copy of "A Game Ranger Remembers", does you earlier kind offer still stand ?

Les said...

Tony the things you do for us....It's a hard job but someone has to do it,please don't over do it. I am also groaning,groaning that I don't have such an opportunity.
Dozy you are so right they should have read Silent Predator months ago.

The boatpeople said...

MV Pacific Dawn ? isn't that the one held over in Sydney today with passengers being checked for swine flu?
Hope none of the ladies in your book group have their hair in pigtails then..
If they are & Kev hears about it you could possibly all end up at Xmas island in quaratine with us.

Trin said...

Tony - my heart bleeeeeeeeeeds for you, you poor thing.

I went on Pacific Dawn's sister ship Pacific Sun 2 years ago. Lost my glasses overboard the first night and couldn't buy replacements on board or in Vanuatu when we got there. Being an early riser and having half a suitcase full of books and crosswords, it was no fun getting up at 5.30am every morning and doing laps around a darkened ship until my cabin mates roused themselves around 10am (at the earliest). So, if you are optically challenged, take a spare pair as I would hate to think of you suffering any more than what you will already be suffering on the high seas for us LOF!

And yes, PD is the piggy scare ship but the staff are extremely well-trained in restricting free travel for bugs, so I wouldn't worry too much on that score.

Oh and Tony... I saw a late model black Landrover yesterday on the way home from work and, yes, I hate to admit it, was a very fine looking piece of metal - but that could be because I initially thought it was a late model Jeep.

Herr Doktor said...

I really must become an author! Cruise to Tonga!! What a life, is Mrs B going? Hope so it would be a lot of fun. Yes I am flat out in the middle of the Swine Flu panic, way too much work I am getting too old for this! Please stay away from Christmas Island....