Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You vil ask zee qwestions!

Come on, Legion of Fans (LOF), if you've listened to the podcast then you know that Jimbob needs you to ask me questions so that we have something to talk about for the next Parkcast.

Ask away. Surely there's something on your mind...

What is the meaning of life?

Did Paul Bryant live or die?

Why didn't Mike Williams have sex with the single mum's (legally-aged) daughter?

What happened to Tom Furey's Jag when he moved to South Africa?

Is it safe to drive from Johannesburg Airport to Kruger?

Do I need a yellow fever shot to go to Cape Town?

Come on... you know you want to!


dozycow said...

Okay, I'll play - what did happen to the Jag ??

Seriously though I would like to know which vaccinations are required before travelling to SA (& do they hurt a lot) & how long after getting them before being allowed to travel ?

Trev said...

Who writes or helps with the sex scenes in your books as I've heard that you're a good boy who really wouldn't know about that sort of thing?

Crookedpaw said...

If James Patterson offered you a chance to co-write with him, would you take it?

You mentioned you were hoping to make available a downloadable version of your "Parkcast". Happy to announce that this is already possible.

1/ Click the right button of your mouse on the picture of the TV on your website.
2/ Click on Save Target As...
3/ Save the file to somewhere on your computer that you can find it easily (Desktop, My Documents etc.)
4/ Open file at your leisure, sit back with cup of coffee and enjoy.


tonypark said...

Thanks for the questions,,, keep them rolling in.

Thanks, too, to crookedpaw for telling us how to download the parkcast. I'm glad someone here knows what's going on, cos it sure ain't me!

The Barman informs me it will soon be on itunes, whatever that means.

Trin said...

How do you write while you are away? Do you treat it as a job whilst in SA? For example, are your trips structured so you know what you are basically going to be doing this trip before you leave Oz, or do you take it as it comes? You said (I think - I was working whilst listening - not optimal conditions)that you basically write according to how the book unfolds, so do you just take off when you feel like it to do some research, or do you know that you need to do it prior to your trip and plan time out accordingly? And on a day to day basis, do you get up and get writing or do you just write when in the mood?

On the self drive subject; if one were to do this, are there reputable places without going in to Jo'burg where one can buy/hire camping equipment and any other necessary supplies, ie. could you get off the plane, get the hire car and just go get it?

What's the better vehicle - a Jeep or a Landrover??? I've heard it's a Jeep (he he).

And.... I like "print the picture". It describes perfectly what to me a book should do.

Dozy - don't you want to know how big and thick the needles are and what the side effects are?

Thought I posted this earlier this morning but just went to turn PC off and noticed still there - try again - always happens - need to change password methinks

AandJ said...

We've some questions:

1. How do I find a Pangolin or Aardvark in the African bush?

2. What must I do if a Honey Badger approaches me?

3. How do I safely get into my roof top tent if I've had a few too many?

4. How can I safely break ice without stabbing my hand?

5. Is it possible to adjust the timing on a 2.25L Land Rover diesel in Africa, or must I have it fed-exed to Solihul for recalibration?

Les said...

AandJ here's some snappy answers to stupid questions this is not dark Africa in the middle ages.

1. Look at night.
2. Give it honey.
3.Carefully, or sleep on the ground.
4.Don't break it, it will melt.
5.Take it to a service centre we do have them.

Tony, Joey got upset with these questions and answered them,using my login cause these people think we are backward in Africa.

Flea said...

When do you post a pic of Mrs Blog? LOL

Robert said...

Good ones AandJ. Very funny. Liked your profile. Enjoy your African trip but watch out for the village idiots when you get here. There are a few about but most of us here are reasonably sane....[and nice]

tonypark said...

Ah, controversy returns to the blog. Good to see.

Thanks for the questions everyone.

A and J, and Les/Joey, if you do find a mechanic who can do a good job on a series land rover's engine in SA let me know!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the giggles - nice to see some patriotism stirring the pot!

Tony, back to my earlier question and later q from AandJ - looks like landrovers break down a bit????

PS: does anyone know if there is a way to store your Username and password on the Choose an identity bit so you dont have to type every time you comment on the blog? By the time I get to that bit, I'm always in a rush and always have to re-enter one or the other due to typos (no smart comments please, just intelligent ones thanks).

OMG - Trin!!!! No time to suss problem out

ali g said...

Good questions AandJ. he he.
If I may venture some answers...

1. Cross a pig with an armadillo and use it as a lure

2. Tell it you're a Kiwi and it'll run for it's life

3. Train your wife to do fireman's lifts as Tony has done.

4. Get Tony to do it for you

5. Trade in on a camel..less grief.


Now serious stuff..

I'll bite..
Why didn't Mike Williams have sex with the single mum's [legally aged] daughter?

Was it because the mother said 'Let's cut that out..I don't like that sort of thing'? or something like that?
Anyway I'm a bit confused as I thought he did. Maybe I read that somewhere else..
Hi Flea.. still after a pic..maybe one day it'll happen. I'd sell you one but I'd never get to spend the money.

Timepilot said...

"What's the better vehicle - a Jeep or a Landrover??? I've heard it's a Jeep (he he)."

Ai Ai Aiieee someone needs a good talking too! Sacrilege :)

Okay, why do you use a Series 3 (I think) Landy and not upgrade? (I know why I would but that's just nostalgia speaking)

Trin said...

Timepilot - that was a belated reply from the bait thrown out earlier - I'm glad someone rose to it!! On a serious note, a jeep was the vehicle I learned to drive in, so there is nostalgia attached for me. Quite frankly, I wouldn't have a clue which is the better vehicle - just threw the question out there to see who I could reel in. But I do think it is a better looking vehicle.

Joburg Observer said...

Dont know who's stupid here Les . You obviously have no sense of humour.
Get a life you sad twit

defender of Les said...

Joburg Observer - more like YOU are the one with no sense of humour - if you do not know Les, that was a nasty comment without mirth and not worth the space on this blog. If you DO know Les then it's a different matter

ali g said...

For Oz LOFs, there's a movie 'Nowhere in Africa' showing on SBS TV next Sunday night at 9.30pm. If you haven't seen it I recommend it. It's great.
Tony, are you planning any more historical novels?

A Fan said...

Did Paul Bryant survive the war? Did he go back to Rhodesia and marry Pip? If so, could their descendents could feature in a new story?

Trin said...

I was going to post these answers earlier, but then others posted theirs first. Now I think, what the heck, so....

1. With your eyes
2. Have your toast ready
3. Undo the zip first
4. Get someone else to do it for you
5. Just trade it in for a Jeep

Looking forwared to Nowhere in Africa

tonypark said...



Trin, you could have at least put "toyota".

And listen up y'all... remember the rules about playing nice.

There will be no more dissing of other commentators, and no more discussion about American 4wds. Period.

Anonymous said...

My Jeep eats Land Rovers for breakfast.

ali g said...

My ML Mercedes eats Jeeps for breakfast.
There's also a Toyota staying here at the moment that he's looking at but it's probably safe because I don't think he likes the taste of them

Anonymous said...

You dissing me ali?

tonypark said...

Anon, if your jeep eats my land rover it's going to have a killer attack of indigestion and will farting smoke and p*ssing oil for the rest of its life!

ali g said...

All depends on how big you are ..
won my last fight by 200 yards so watch it.

Trin said...

Tony, I couldn't put toyota cos I dont particularly like them. And a Jeep is such a handsome fellow - the older style ones, not the new ones, which to me are like a lot of other RV's - just a square box on wheels.. Used to own a CJ5 and loved it.

Les said...

Come to Joburg and watch the taxis eat anything in front of them.

Heidihi said...

We had a Jeep until the Landcruiser arrived and ate it! No more Jeep.