Monday, May 18, 2009

Take it away, Les!

In line with my current policy of doing a minimal amount of work on the blog (while I slave away writing more books for y'all), it gives me great pleasure to introduce my very first guest blogger, our very own Les, of South Africa.

Les has risen to my challenge and submits, for our mutual edification, the following review of Ass-guy, oops, I mean Assegai, by Mr W. Smith of Cape Town, Switzerland and Botswana (I read recently he's sold the island in the Seychelles).

Give it up, for Les!

Assegai is another Courtney novel, and this one takes place in Kenya in the early 1800's.

Leon Courtney is a British soldier forced out of the army. He then joins a big game hunter and after proving himself becomes a full partner and guide.

His client is a rich German arms manufacturer who wants to test his newly designed planes. Leon falls in love with the German's mistress and the two become lovers.

They discover a plot against the British at the outbreak of WW1. With the help of his two loyal masai tribesmen, Leon must foil the plot and save his lover.

This book is the old style Wilbur smith with adventure, action, romance and intrigue that we expect.
Well worth a read.

Well, there you have it. Good work, Les. I think I may have to start working out so I can pick up my hardcover copy and start reading it.


Trin said...

Good work Les. Seeing you had the cahunas (? sp)to do it, I guess I'll have to too. TP is this a belated payment for our talking books??

I just finished last night, so I will come to the parky (Parkon the pun!)and send Tp something shortly. Well done again Les.

TP, haven't had chance to check parkcast yet - will do sometime soon.

Les said...

Thanks Trin it's not as bad as it sounds you can do it. Easier than public speaking any way.

Trin said...

Yeah, cos no-one knows who we are and they can snigger away and we wouldn't even know - unless they snigger here and then we can be assured that TP will give them a public slap!!

Mine is on the way.....

dozycow said...

That's a good review Les, it covers the story well.
At the risk of being thought a smart ass though I have only one query - isn't it set in the early 1900's ??

Les said...

Yes Dozycow my mistake don't know what I was thinking I realized it too late.