Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guest reviews

All this talk about Ass-guy, oops, I mean Assegai, by Mr W. Smith of Cape Town, has me intrigued.

I have a copy sitting by my bed, but have not had time to read it because I am too busy writing my own books (and, if truth be told, reading my good mate Peter Watt's book, Frozen Circle).

I'm wavering over Assegai, whether to tackle this ginormous volume next or read something else.

I need your help, Trin and Les. I'd like to invite you each to write a review of Assegai, and I'll post them on the blog. No pressure... but let's egg them on, Legion of Fans.

Reviews should be no more than 200 words, submitted to me at mail (at) tonypark (dot) net.

(And, yes, if you think this is a way for me to get out of posting on the blog while I'm busy working you're 100 per cent correct).

Anyone else feel like reviewing a book? Why, we could even have our own little book club here, couldn't we...


ali g said...

Will get a copy of assguy and give it a go. have resisted so far as the last one of willys i read 'The Quest' was a dud as far as I'm concerned. was actually half way through reading it when the final hard copy of 'Silent predator' came out. put it aside to re read 'Predator' which was far superior. Then went back to 'Quest' but ended up turfing it before finishing, it was so disappointing. Seen a few reviews for assguy on the net. most 4 stars, some 3. some say doesn't start moving till mid way through. Be interesting to see if so.
Really looking forward to seeing Ivory's final hard print copy!
I'll read assguy while waiting also.
Trin, Claude says thanks for your comments. he's much prettier than me. see pic

dozycow said...

Tony: I think you'll find it's worth the time to tackle Assegai next.

Ali: Although I agree about The Quest (a bit heavy going) this is more along Wilbur's earlier style - a very enjoyable way to pass the time whilst awaiting the release of Ivory....

PS: Looking good Claude !!

Trin said...

TP: that is a rather cruel invitation - seeing a lot (from what I can gather) of your LOF are in the literature arena. I haven't finished Ass a Guy (As in (th)a(t')s a guy) yet - was busy today mowing and, of all things, having a go at making candles!. Les - waddya reckon - will we rise to the challenge and leave ourselves open to ridicule amongst the elite???

Ali - I bought The Quest for my brother for his last birthday and pilfered it the other week -disappointing that you think it's a dud - haven't read it yet - but, regardless of your comments, will be my next book. I agree, Claude is much prettier than you - maybe if you put on a bit of lipstick and mascara?

Dozy - I think that you should do a review on Assegai too - you're a bookworm and although you dont comment as heavily as I do, you have a way with words that is not evident here.

TP: Indulged in a bit of retail therapy this afternoon (not a common occurrence) and when I came home, propped inside the flyscreen was a book - titled Cross Bones and, according to the cover, "The all-true adventures and unlikely romance of a pirate slave girl..."

I have absolutely no idea who left it there - and what's more, I've just turned it over and read the back and the main character is named Cat - howzat for spooky.....pirates.....cats.....northern Africa...

Trin said...

PS: I knew there was something else I wanted to say - writing a review would be akin to public speaking!!

ali g said...

had lippy 'n mascara on Trin.

Dozy. Claude says you're obviously a lady of impeccable taste.


Anonymous said...

Nice cat ali g.
Noticed insignia on cap. If it's what I think it is hope you don't wear make-up too often..

dozycow said...

Oh Claude (you great big honey) you are soo right....

About Assegai (thank you Trin) here's my review :-

It's good !!
Read it !!

(We still have to wait three bloody months for Ivory so we may as well do something)

ali g said...

Anon..inconsequential... now just an old fart with a [great big honey] cat.


Flea said...

Saw it in the shops but wasn't sure if I'd like it or not so I'm looking fw to the reviews as well.
hope you 2 are well! When in Perth?

Les said...

Hi Trin Why not ? The laughter will only be for 2 months or so,then Ivory will be out and our review will be forgotten.

Ali g is right The Quest had some weird sh1t in it,but then all those Egyptian novels were slow moving and heavy at times.

Timepilot said...

Personally I thought Assegai was vintage Smith (much as Dozy said) but as with most of his recent books they tend to end rather abruptly. Still not a terrible read - and I'll say the same for Quest.