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An Empty Coast
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Take it away, Matt

Has anyone else here in Australia been as brainwashed as I have been by the current free-to-air-TV campaign, featuring a certain song from a certain cheezy African lion movie?

I can't get this damned song out of my mind! Welcome to my nightmare! (and, PS, the first of the podcasts will be online soon, so you won't have to listen to...)


tonypark said...

What a cool dude, eh?

And judging by those album covers it looks like the Mattster was cleaning up in the olden days.

ali g said...

Thanks for that. You've just blown 'Smoke on the Water' out of my head and replaced it with 'Born Free'.
Claude happens to like that certain cheezy African Lion movie though as he thinks he's Elsa. He's also going around whistling 'Born Free' now.
Mother Blog says: I went to see Matt Monroe at one of his last appearances at a dinner in an RSL club in a certain un-trendy Sydney suburb. He was dying from cancer, and looked it; there were only about half a dozen people in the audience, and he sang Born Free like an angel. He was a little, short man but he had a huge and beautiful voice. Vale the Mattster.

Trin said...

My mother always told me not to judge something by its cover......

Ad must be localized to NSW - not airing in Victoria that I have noticed - but then again, I may have just repressed the memory.

Ali - preferred the last pic of Claude - could see his features more (he seems to be a remarkably coloured cat - is that English correct? - I mean he has beautiful colouring, but after a long day at the computer...) - but I DID like Beavis and Butthead.

Herr Doktor - I meant to post a comment re the last blog comment you posted - I agree, all us LOF should have a (very large) bit part - maybe TP can auction the better bits off to the highest bidder. However, first things first - we need to actually get to read the book first!! Back to Assegai...

Trin said...

I stand to be corrected - the ad in question is airing in Victoria - and I did repress the memory - as soon as I saw Bert Newton pashing whoever it was he was pashing, the brain went into Altzheimer mode. On considerable reflection, I have seen the ad on a number of occasions but the grey filters went into overdrive!

Les said...

Trin how are enjoying Assegai ? I have just finished it while waiting for Ivory.

Trin said...

Hi Les - exxxxxcellent. Reading it every spare minute I get. Am just off to read more now. I have been nicking off down to the beach at lunch time to read in my car - will have finished by this time tomorrow. 88 sleeps to Ivory.....but who's counting?