Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moaning! Parkcast number 2.


Oops, I mean romance. Do I have your attention Legion of Fans (LOF), and assorted perverts who have found their way here through some naughty googling?

Parkcast (that's my big-headed name for a Podcast) number two is, um, up, and it's available at the top left hand corner of this blog via something called an RSS feed, or some such thing.

My IT fundi (that's African for guru, which is Indian for expert), The Barman, has been working his magic behind the scenes on the blog and you can now access both pod.. I mean Parkcasts at your leisure and, if you believe the little widget thing to the left, you can have them delivered to your email, or something like this.

Jimbob has gone to great effort again in Parkcast number 2, sourcing all manner of sound effects and 1970s porn music to help you, ahem, get in the mood as he interviews about writing literary romance scenes.

This is not, I should add, pornographic, although there is an excerpt from the SILENT PREDATOR audio book that mentions the word "shaft". And no, we're not talking about a 1970s African American detective. Some listener discretion is advised and if you are under 18 you should be off doing your homework, and not hanging around here.

You have been warned.


Why did I ever agree to this?

Listen away, and please post some encouraging comments for Jimbob, for he has an ego nearly as big as mine.

(OOH-ah, nearly forgot... our fellow Legionnaire Muriel gets a special mention near the end of the Parkcast, as does her contribution to OPEN, an anthology of literary erotica by some of South Africa's most erudite and grubby-minded female writers).

Enjoying the Parkcasts, LOF? Please say yes, as Jimbob and I have such fun getting drunk and recording them.


Flea said...

Well in that case I'll got listen when the kids are in bed.

Les said...

Don't stop keep them coming,the parkcasts might be fun to record but they are great to listen to at work.
Amazing how we get a smile on our faces when we hear that music in parkcast 2.
Keep up the good work.

Crookedpaw said...

I see your workload may have eased a bit. Some of the crew on the Pacific Dawn are exhibitiing symptoms of swine 'flu, and the ship has been put into quarantine again. Could be your trip might be delayed somewhat.

So, with all that spare time, you could make some more "Parkcasts".


Anonymous said...

The new master of Double Entendre. We now need a new book set in the happening 70's, or perhaps Berlin and its ecess in the 1920's.

Double thumbs up!

Trin said...

I'm with Les, keep them coming. Enjoyed No 1 thoroughly and also loved the background music. Jimbob has a great talking voice. I couldn't get into No. 2 as much but will have another crack at it later.

ali g said...

Good one!
The bondage between you and Jimbob is obvious ...errr I mean bonding.. sorry.
Would mention the Barman's contributions but that'd make it into a threesome which could bring down editorial comment.

Now this boat trip thing...

Think you'd better stay away from the MV Pacific Dawn otherwise you might have to change your next 'Parkcast into a 'Porkcast'


dozycow said...

I haven't yet had a chance to listen to No. 2 but am looking forward to it. Am I to assume that your reference to "shaft" has, in no way, any relevance to mine shafts ??

Ali G: you have a priceless way with words - maybe you could help out with some of the sex scenes...?

ali g said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trin said...

It seems that (the) Silent Predator is having its inaugural cruise on the Pacific Dawn without you Tony.

ali g said...

Dunno Dozy..be hopeless at that. Put my pants on back the front this morning and then got confused when I went to the bathroom so that's how good I'd be.

Be too scared of copping it from Muriel as well

Trin..the other silent predator on that boat is swine flu..or was that what you meant?


tonypark said...

Than you all for your concerns about my upcoming trip on the SS Swine Flu. I'm sure you'll be devastated if I don't get to cruise to Tonga for free.

Dozy, please don't encourage Ali G re the rude scenes as he will end up in trouble from my mother.

Trin said...

Ali G - yes that's what I meant.

And, following on from Tony's last comment, I would think from past comments, you would pretty much be in trouble most of the time Ali G WITHOUT any encouragement from other parties. Apart from being a bit too close to home.

dozycow said...