Sunday, May 17, 2009

Listen up, y'all... the Parkcasts have begun


Click on the pic of me in the bathtub at the top left of the blog, Legion of Fans (LOF), and you will be transported to the website wherein resides the first ever "Parkcast".

The Parkcast is my first Podcast. Jimbob, my smart-mouthed PR buddy thought up the term Parkcast. Catchy, eh? Jimbob interviews me in the Pod/Parkcast, which goes for about half an hour and includes the odd African sound effect and pirated piece of music.

So, as Jimbob says in his Guy Smiley radio voice at the start of the recording, sit back, relax, grab the beverage of your choice and listen to me talking about writing fiction and non fiction.

At the end of the interview Jimbob and I exhort you, dear listener, to bombard me with all the questions you've ever wanted to ask, and I'll answer them in the next podcast. Please post your questions (and your extensive praise for Jimbob's radio voice) below

I think Jimbob's done an excellent job on the interview and the podcast, and the Barman has done a good job getting it on to the web for us. As I come to grips with this new fangled technology I also hope to have the podcasts in a down-loadable format so you can play them on your ipod, or save them for posterity.

Just think, you could be listening to me on your way to work some day in the near future. If you do, make sure you turn the volume up really loud on your ipod so you can annoy fellow travellers and show them how nerdy you are, listening to an author instead of Matt Monro.


ali g said...

Great Parkcast!
Congrats to Jimbob, Barman & yourself. Nicely done.

dozycow said...

Tony, that was wonderful !!
Congratulations to everyone involved.

I finally found some quiet time to listen to the Parkcast & it was very interesting & enjoyable.

I particularly liked that you talked about your research for African Sky & how enthralling it became. I loved that book especially because it was so well researched, as I read a lot about the history of flying & it's introduction into military use. It could also be one of the reasons I enjoyed "Arsieguy" so much - there are 'planes as well as Africa - my two greatest interests.
I do have to say though that it would be hard to name a favourite of your novels, much less a non-favourite - they all stand each on their own merits as bloody good reading.

I am definitely looking forward to more of the Parkcasts.

PS : What recordings did you use for your background music ? It was a perfect accompaniment to you & Jimbob (& may I say what a very nice voice he has).