Monday, August 17, 2009

A brief pause

I have a few days leave from the round (bits of) Australia tour promoting my new book IVORY, Legion of Fans (LOF) so thought I would check in and update you all on the progress so far.

My, my. I'd forgotten how much y'all love the free stuff. I think it's going to take Alex the Pirate Wench (my assistant publicist) about a week to read through and decipher all those comments on the last post. She is a principled young lady of a conservative and proper disposition, so don't expect extra points for fart jokes and other smut (although I was impressed by these).

Had me a fine 'ol time in the golden west (Australia) and attended some excellent functions. At least I think they were excellent. I was rating them according to the scale of my hangover and numbers of books sold, and in this respect the Painted Dog Conservation Inc cocktail party at the Hyatt in Perth deserves an honourable mention. (Though I love every single function I attend and every person who attends.... especially the ones who buy books).

As with the dinner I attended last year for the highly efficient and exceedingly nice John and Ange, who run this worthy charity, we auctioned off two character names in my next book to raise money for the stinky but loveable painted doggies. And my oh my, did we get a couple of top names for next year's book. You'll just have to wait until next year to find out who they are.

I can reveal that the auction of character names netted about half the total amount raised on the night, so thank you very much to all who bid. We also sold out of books (and took orders for many more) and I was so hungover the next morning I could barely speak.

However, cowboy-up I did, and speak I did at a simply beautiful shop called Raw By Nature at Guildford, Perth. Owner Leanne persuaded me to come and talk and sign books and, lured by the promise of a Bloody Mary in the pub across from the shop afterwards, I did plenty of both. If you live in Perth or visit there, make sure you check out both the shop and the pub. I managed to stay vertical, until making it to Perth Airport, where I collapsed into a comfy chair with a beer.

I don't want you to think I spend all my time on tour drinking, but this past weekend was proof that book signings and alcohol definitely do mix.

First up, on Friday night, it was my (serious) honour and pleasure to join with teachers, parents and students from John Paul College in Coffs Harbour on the NSW mid north coast to help them raise money for a school they support in Kawalazi village in Malawi.

All jokes aside, I was touched by the kindness and generosity of these people and the work they're doing to support kids and teachers with virtually nothing but a will to learn. (Also, they put the booze on after the function - in moderation and for adults only, of course). Doing good and drinkng red. I loved it. All profits from books sold on the night went to the Kawalazi school.

More good causes and a seriously irresponsible consumption of alcohol were the order of the next day, Saturday, when I addressed a gathering at the Maclean Services club at the invitation of my good mate and fellow Pan Macmillan writer, Peter Watt. Peter and I raffled off sets of our books and raised a tidy sum for the Maclean Hosptial auxilliary committee.

Where better to hold an event for writers and readers than a club with a deck overlooking the sun-flecked Clarence River in northern NSW, complete with gratis wine and a bar serving happy hour schooners for $3.60 a pop? I just about moved there on the spot.

Pete and the club have put together a couple of "Meet the Author" tallks so far and have earned the small but perfectly formed town of Maclean the richly deserved title of Literary Capital of the Lower Clarence, according to their local paper.

By the way, LOF, if you like my books then I INSIST that you go out and buy all of Peter Watt's books. They are ripping yarns and, besides, if you start reading them you can stop hassling me about writing more books.

Back home, and back to work now, as I have just received the first edits on my next book which is called..... Book 7. So, I'm busy again with no excuse for faffing.

Winner of the caption competition to be announced soon...


ali g said...

So wo ist mein buch Major?

Anonymous said...

Remember the little promise you made me 100 years ago when you were stone cold sober......about when you need an elderly maiden aunt's name to "use" in Book 24 - you could use mine? Well I did give $(a three figure sum) to the PDC recently and dropped J&A a note (and they said they were consider me for all things in the future involving a one hugely handsome, fabulous,husband of lovely wife N, and a wonderful, colourful story writer called TP (cough/splutter!!!). LOL. "Littleaud" (aka Piglet flu's mum) yes, we have had it in the family.

Karen Bessey Pease said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Park...Pete Watt is an excellent story-teller! I've finished two of his novels, and have another on its way! Very talented writer.

I'm looking forward to my first Tony Park read, as well. Now, if one of you gents would just insert a Maine heroine into one of your tales, I could guarantee a dramatic rise in sales over here in the North Woods. Why, the Highland Lodge could unload a half-dozen, no problem...especially if each copy came with a free bottle of ice cold Moosehead beer!

Innovative marketing, that's what we call it! (We used to call it 'Pandering to Drunks' but the government's gone all PC these days.) :o)

Seriously... can't wait to read Silent Predator! Glad your tour is going well.


(Qu'est-c'avec l'allemand et Ali g? Ils ne parles pas l'Anglais?)

ali g said...

Das Schreiben in deutschem Frau Pease ist nur mich versuchend ein smartarse zu sein. Mit meiner Bernerkung auf dem letzten Blog wo ich zu machen, habe das Bild von Tony hat angeschant ein Bit wie Goebels Erholung mit der erhobenen faust usw gedacht.
anyway ..
that says
The writing in German Mrs Pease is just me trying to be a smartarse. To do with my comment on the last blog where I thought Tony's picture looked a bit like a Goebels rally with the raised fist etc.

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Haha, Ali g! I'm impressed! Do you speak Pig Latin, too?

I particularly like how 'smartarse' is spelled in German! Very comical! I'd have never guessed...

In Down East lingo, it's spelled 'smaaht-ass'. Not an 'r' to be found!

Oh, dear!

ali g said...

Qui madame Pease mon bras de champion de six pieds tuttant la hache weilding l'ami de taureau de malabar avec les longues jambes..Peut faire le cochon latin mais pas trop bien

Karen Bessey Pease said...


Herr Ali g, mein Kumpel, vous avez un surabondance de talent linguistique! Je suis frappe (avec accent aigu, naturellement) de terreur a (avec accent grave, bien entendu)votre magnificence!

Das vadanya, mi amigo! Ig-bay iles-smay om-fray les Etats Unis!

Mi Kazza es su Kazza!

Trin said...

Hey, Ali G, I thought I would have your comment translated as I can understand French quite well but only a smattering of German, so, this is how it translated....

Writing in German women Pease is a smartarse versuchend only me. With my Bernerkung on the last blog where I have to make the picture by Tony angeschant with a bit like Goebels recovery the collected fist etc thought.

Now, back to TP - glad you had a successful Tour of Duty although it didn't really sound much like a duty call, more like a hectic whirlwind of slosh-all, I mean soshial, I mean social (hiccup) events.
Postcript: Re the recent comp: it's not so much that we like freebies, we like rising to the challenge (and enjoying each other's sense of humour along the way) - and regarding smutty comments perhaps not making the grade - you DID ask for them quite pointedly, didn't he LOF??

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Hey, Trin! :o)

You are SO RIGHT! I'm not sure I can qualify, yet, as a member in the LOF (is there some initiation, first, or must I only read and enjoy TP novels?) but I distinctly remember a comment that was akin to 'Bring it on!'

Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Park? Hmmm. :o)

Like you, I simply had fun (although I spent a sleepless night worrying I'd offended family and friends 'get' me but TP's LOF are virtual strangers! Oh, the torment...) and when you win the autographed book, I'll be very happy for you.

What am I saying??? Can I take that back? How about...I'll try my darnedest to be a good loser! Yes, that sounds more honest, doesn't it?

Ha! Big smiles.


Excellent German, btw. :o)

ali g said...

Ah Trin
It's probably my Kraut spelling..but then they did throw me out of the Hitler Youth Movement because my spelling was krappenhausen .... [and they also discovered that I peroxided my hair and wasn't really a blonde.]

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Ah, Ali g...

You must remember the true measure of a blond, and get TWO bottles of peroxide next time!

Those darned surprise inspections in the showers...


ali g said...

Thanks KBP but your advice comes a bit late..there's not much left on top these days so two bottles would be a waste..even one probably wasted too as haven't had a surprise inspection in the shower for quite some time now

ali g said...

Breaking News..
TP is currently have a well deserved rest and a tempoary break from blogging after his most successful whirlwind book tour.
He is however currently enjoying the 'blog hog in wog' comments and other associated crap [even mine] being posted at the moment so more comments [and other compmentators] are needed.
So Please dont leave all the hard work to us few dedicated ratbags

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Well, for gawd's sake, Ali g, quit locking the bathroom door!

Sheesh, man...I have to hold your hand non-stop, don't I?


Karen Bessey Pease said...

Um...can I re-word that last bit?

I think I need a stiff drink, now.

Karen Bessey Pease said...


Just a drink! A plain old drink!

Judas Priest... I'm outta here before my dignity disappears altogether.

Weren't we talking about the magnificent Peter Watt and Tony Park? Hmm???

Good night from Maine (if they'll still let me claim citizenship..)


Boneheaded Woman from Maine said...

See... this is why we boneheaded, 'speak first and think later' country girls should stay OFF THE INTERNET!!

Sorry, Ali g...

I really think someone should save me...maybe talk about awesome authors, or something???

Cripe. Another sleepless night!

And I'm not putting my picture up here this time! My face is all red!

dozycow said...

Tony: Happy to hear your tour was such a success !!
I already have some of Peter Watt's novels, just missing a few then I'll have the entire set of his books as well - therefore I'll have no excuse to stop hassling you for the next book.....
In the meantime enjoy your rest !

Ali G: Guen abend - Ich verstehe wenig Deutsche, aber nicht French....

dozycow said...

Ali G: Sorry for the typo - it should read Guten abend.....

dozycow said...

Tonight's word verification is, believe it or not, "prizes"

ali g said...

Ah Karen
No apology needed.. you can hold my hand if you want but there'l be no bending over to pick up the soap OK..
Dozy Good evening to U2 yeh nice one on raising the question of prizes.. hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

I did bear witness last night to the hard work that TP is putting into his promotion work. He was working a venue in Pitt Street and, literally, he had some of the people in the place 'flatout'.

Never before had I seen the sort of pressure TP has to put up with. LOF's respect the man!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's easy for us to believe that a successful author has only to write a good book once in a while and his work is done. Not true. The marketing, public relations...even the glad-handing with his fans (whom if course, he adores...) can be exhausting and much more time-consumming than people realize. It's a wonder a popular writer finds time to craft any stories at all.

Your fans do appreciate you for your commitment to providing superb novels for our enjoyment.

ali g said...

This is his island in the sun laying 'flatout' on his back in the golden sand
Mrs Blog does bring forth drinks while he lays on the beach and about nothing thinks.