Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Newsflash... cheap books and Frank Coates

And now we bring you some late breaking news, which will be of interest to Trin (and probably no one else).

I spoke to Aussie author Frank Coates the other day. Frank also writes books set in Africa (though his are about east Africa rather than southern Africa). Frank is going on a P&O cruise (like I did recently) to talk at the on-board book club, and contacted me to have a chat about shipboard life.

He was a thoroughly nice chap and it was good to chat on the phone (for about an hour) to another Africa addict.

And on the subject of book prices and two-for-one deals, Trin, I would direct you to a certain chain of discount stores with a bold red and white circular logo where you can buy a copy of IVORY with a free copy of ZAMBEZI thrown in for a ridiculously good price.

That is all.


Trin said...

That's good news Tony, as I lent my Zambezi out and it never came back!
And you will NEVER believe the word verification on this one:


Anonymous said...

Saw the sealed pack of Ivory & Zambezi...does being sealed mean that there're more naughty bits in those ones?
My word verification said:


So Trin..if you want the sinpakk its probably gonna costu..

Anonymous said...

When you've read all of Park, Coates, Keating x 2, Smith, Harper, Scholes books about Africa where else is there to go....
Anyone know? Tony?
(Little Auds lost in IVORY)

Trin said...

Anonymous...sinpakk here I come!!!

Little Auds - the real thing itself

Frank said...

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the kind words. Yes, it was great talking about Africa with another devotee.
I've only just got into this blog stuff. Fascinating! But I don't know how you can manage all the action on your site. Congrats anyway - it looks and works very well.
Frank C

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip off TP. Got an early Fathers Day prezzie

tonypark said...

Good to see you here Frank, and welcome. You've got some friends among the ranks.

Nice to hear from rusky, and trin and anon and auds.

dozycow said...

Although I already have Ivory I did check out the local discount (that of the red circle) store for the aforementioned "special" - sadly there wasn't any to be found.....

This actually doesn't matter to me as I already have the full TP collection (I also have the full FC collection too) but it could be very disappointing to other LOFs........