Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Someone else vil ask zee qvestions

I love it when someone interviews me. It allows me to direct you to new and interesting websites and it makes it look like I'm contributing to my blog, without actually having to do anything.

So, if you can be bothered reading more about me and my life, or if you just want to check out two really cool websites, you can find my thoughts on all matters writerly at the Writers' Resource Centre, and my thoughts on living your dream (well, my dream) on travel writer Annabel Candy's funky blog here.

Just had a great night at Lane Cove Library (my local) with a fun crowd who asked lots of questions. Thanks, Karen, for having me over again, and to the good people from Moirs Bookshop in Lane Cove.


dozycow said...

That was a great interview Tony !!

Karen said...

Good morning, Mr. Park.

I read your nice to understand the drive and motivation behind the story-teller! And how wonderful to read of a couple who are living their dream! Big smiles. :o)

I am well into Silent Predator, and enjoying every second of it. There's not a bit of 'chore' to the read, only great pleasure. Why did I not hear of you before? I shall certainly recommend to my book club ladies that we take up one of your novels over the winter!

Wishing you continued success and happiness.