Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Come see the three amigos at North Sydney

Can't think of what to buy dad for father's day? If you live or work in the North Sydney area (or if you don't but would like a free chocolate) then I urge you to come and meet me, along with two excellent Aussie authors Grant Hyde and David Rollins this Friday, August 28.

Grant, David and I will be hounding unsuspecting commuters and bribing them into buying our books from 8am to 9.30am on Friday, outside Dymocks in the Mount Street pedestrian mall.

Free chocolates and bookmarks will be on offer and for a gold coin donation to charity you can even have your father's day present gift wrapped.

Grant's first book is LORDS OF THE PACIFIC, a ripper yarn set in the olden days on the high seas, while David reveals his version of what happened to Korean Airlines Flight 007 in his latest spy-action blockbuster THE ZERO OPTION.

Myself, I will be spruiking IVORY.

Oh, yes, and winner of the caption competition, as judged by Alex the Pirate the Wench (who does not know about family connections on the blog) is.... Ali G. I have no idea which of his 17 captions she liked best.


Karen said...

Hooray, Ali g!

Congratulations! :o)

Wunderbar, mein kumpel! Gut durchgebraten!


ali g said...

Well this is so unexpected . If I'd had the slightest idea that I was in the running for this wonderful award I wouldn't have thrown away my earlier prepared acceptance speech.
However off the cuff may I say thank you so much for this honour. Yes, I am extremely honoured!
And now if I may, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my dear wife who has stood by me during the cut & thrust of this very difficult period of trying to think of smartarse things to say and also my children for their continuing support as well.
If I may say to you my fellow LOFs, it's not easy trying to say stuff in German, particularly when you haven't any idea about it and have to rely on free internet translation services to do it for you
Thank you Karen for your unselfish words of congratulation. Tried the internet translation bizzo but couldn't get 'kumpel'?
Presume it's something nice...
Trin.. yes sure don't need the peroxide ..nothing on top these days but then you cant grow grass on a busy street can you..
So in wrapping up may I say thanks to all concerned and especially to Alex.
And Alex.. I didn't really mean that stuff about horses heads in the bottom of your bed ..really..
although you obviously took it into considerstion when determining the winner.
So thank you linesmen, ball boys and you, all my fans out there.
And also thank you Tony.. but what's this about 17 entries ??
Only one was there ...well 2 really if I admit to the 'anon' one of 'no no no I look like Obama not Osama'


Karen said...

A stellar acceptance speech!

'Kumpel'= ami, amigo, freund, comrade, mate, cobber, buddy, pal.

Either that, or 'hand towel'...I get the two confused.

Now can YOU clarify? What's going on atop your head that makes it so 'busy'? All I can picture is a flea circus... :o)

Enjoy the winner's circle, Ali g.

dozycow said...

Well done Ali - Congratulations !!! It's about time one of your comments won you something more than a dead chook.....

I have just returned from my little local bookshop with my very own (longstanding order) "Part of the Pride".
I have already started it (don't tell the boss) & am finding it hard having to return to work. Bugger it, I think I'll take the rest of the afternoon off.....

Tony: have a fun & succesful day on Friday. I'll try & find a copy of PW's newest addition for my collection.

Today's word verification is "poostab"......sounds slightly disgusting don't you think ?

Les said...

Nice one Ali g congrats.

Dozy where have you been hiding?
Please let us know what "part of the pride" is like so we can see if it is available here.

dozycow said...

Hi Les: I really haven't been hiding, just having technical problems here with my FRED (& I well uderstand why Elvis shot his TV). I have even hurt my hand after belting the crap out of a filing cabinet in frustration....

You're in for a great treat next week with Ivory & if you can find "Part of the Pride I'm certain you will find it a great read too. I started it yesterday afternoon & have already finished it. I totally loved Kevin's story & literally could not put it down - how wonderful it must be for him to be accepted & loved by his animal family !! It makes me want to jump on the next plane & spend time just sitting in the Lion Park & soaking up the sights & sounds of them all.
If you can't get a copy just let me know & I'll send one across to you.

Another book that I HIGHLY recommend is "The Elephant Whisperer" by Lawrence Anthony of the reserve called Thula Thula - it is a beautiful, heartrending account of a "difficult" family of elephants & how they interacted with him. It also mentions some of the wonderful work he did in Baghdad's zoo during the recent hostilities there. It was a wonderful book & I wanted to start it all over again mmediately after I had finished reading it the first time !

Les said...

Hi Dozy
Why don't you just replace Fred?
Thanks for the info and the offer, I will get back to you if we can't get it here.

dozycow said...

Hi Les: FRED is up for replacement in October (after the new Windows software has been released), it doesn't help that I am a total idiot when it comes to all things electronic but I won't have to take the blame for the latest run of problems - they are all down to general incompetence (as opposed to my own) on behalf of the isp.

Les said...

Hello Dozy
Thank you for your offer to send me "Part of the pride"but it is available here.
Have a nice weekend.

dozycow said...

No worries Les, you have a good weekend too.

grandmaberyl said...

So I send along a potential recruit to the LOF under the pretext of chocolates on a Friday morning. She was sadly disappointed as there were no chocs. You just can't do that to a gal!