Monday, August 24, 2009

Urgent: The Rhinos need YOU!

Achtung, Achtung, Sydney-based readers... We interrupt the normal drivel to bring you something worthy...

The good people at the SAVE Foundation (NSW) still have some vacancies for their annual black tie ball and fundraiser, which will be held at the Hunters Hill Sailing Club on Saturday September 5 from 7pm.

I will be speaking and there will be an auction of various goodies to raise money for the repopulation of Botswana's Moremi Game Reserve with rhinos from South Africa.

I'll also be auctioning off a character name or two in my next book.

There are still tickets available and I urge you, neigh, beseech you to support this exceptionally worthy cause. Cost is $90 per head, but that includes dinner, plus South African beers and wines, a donation to a good cause, dancing, and, of course, me. I will be selling signed books on the night and all profits go to SAVE.

You MUST join me at this event and you MUST email immediately to book and pay for your tickets.


Trin said...

Hey Tony, if I lived in Sydney I would be there, but unfortunately I live in the swine capital - and you know what that means!! All you Sydney people, et your buts there!

PS I'm off the air now for a week as I'm off to the Gympie Music Festival.

All the best KBP - May the best woman win - and I bet it is neither of us. Also, I bet you dont need peroxide at this point in time Ali G - for various reasons that I wont spell out.

Sorry to dis your German Ali G.

Have fun for the next week LOL

Only a week to go Les for Ivory

Karen said...

Trin-- gawd love ya, what a gracious woman! (Who DO you think won? Maybe that windbag Trev?)

Have a great holiday at the Gympie Music Festival! (Not sure what that is...round here, 'gympie' means lame or, take care amidst all those crutches and canes???)

And Tony...can I steal that excellent idea of auctioning off a name in a future novel? That'd be a great thing to do during intermission at my Alzheimers fund-raiser. I'll even credit you with the notion, if I can use it! (Can the winner pick whether they want to be a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy'? Or maybe even--a pet?) Ooh, the possibilities... Imagine if 'Phil McCracken' had the highest bid...

Best of luck raising money for the rhinos. If you were a bit closer than 10,000 miles, I'd put on my best bib and tucker and join the throng.


P.S. So...did ali g really call me a 'smartarse' in German?

Karen said...

Curiosity got the better of me...Gympie is an old gold mining town on the Fraser Coast, ay? Excellent. I could learn to love Google.

Have fun, Trin.

Trev said...

Windbag is it?
cheeky bugger ..knew Phil McCracken's mate Ben Dover..

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Holy smokes, Trev! I've a new admiration for you, sir. Hahaha. Big grins. (Totally un-PC of me, I do apologize.)

I did know a fellow named Pearley White, a kid named Russell 'Rusty' Gates, and had a neighbor named Harold 'Harry' Woodcock. :o) You've gotta laugh, especially with a name like 'Pease'... folks have a lot of fun with that one!

Ahem... are we helping to save the rhinos, here? Sorry, Mr. Park. You've just got some wicked funny fans, that's all!

Karen Pease (frequently)

Les said...

Hope you have a ball Trin,yes one week to go then I put down whatever I am reading to tackle Ivory.

Tony good luck with your fund raising,hope it is a success.

dozycow said...

Would have loved to go to the dinner - alas,the appropriate attire has shrunk in the wardrobe & the partner has run off with a schoolgirl.....
Hope you raise heaps & have a fun night !!