An Empty Coast

An Empty Coast
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Join the pride!

It's out! Yes, my first non-fiction book, in which I've co-written the biography of South African Lion man Kevin Richardson is hitting the shelves as we speak.

Above is the Australian cover of Kevin's book, "Part of the Pride - My Life Among Africa's Big Cats" and below is a video in which Kevin talks about the book and teaches me a thing or two about shameless self-promotion. Enjoy!


dozycow said...

I read it all in one go (couldn't bring myself to put it down) - absolutely enthralling !!

Well done Kevin & Tony !!!

PS: Wonderful video too !!

SY said...

I just found you recently on Blogger and watched your video. I adore the relationship that you have with these majestic animals. Bravo! I am so jealous too! I *love* big cats and you have such an awesome ability/opportunity to be able to interact with these characters. Keep up the good work and I will be looking for your books. Would you mind if I posted about your book on my blog? God Bless and be safe. sy

ali g said...

Another great video of the big cats & Kevin. Looking forward to reading the book!

Flea said...

Ha! I was just promoting you on my blog there for I guess a signed copy is on the way??? Hmmmm....?
Would love one, please tell me how to get hold of one, apart from the obvious to go buy one.
Brian tried to send you all the pics, I think he said the email bounced back.

Trin said...

What a great video - can't wait to read the book, but that has to be after I've read Ivory - still haven't gone there yet. Unlike Dozy, I have a job where I have to work (he he, just kidding Doz) and seem to be too busy to start a book at the moment. I know I won't want to put either down either (? correct English) once I start, so want to ensure have plenty of time to thoroughly enjoy.

A couple of PS's in order as have been out of action for a few days:
Firstly, Ali G - congratulations on your recent win - well deserved (I guess).

KPB: Gympie is a place in Queensland - your reference to body malfunction does get used in Australia too - but in an unkind way.

I met someone whilst away who visited the Lion Park for two weeks with her 10 year old son a couple of years ago - unfortuntately didnt get to speak with her in depth but she did thoroughly recommend it (which was just confirmation of what I already thought), so it will definitely be on the agenda in the next couple of years.

Karen said...

Hey Trin!

I hope your vacation was superb!

Ugh...wouldn't want to be unkind with 'gympie', especially as I'm a bit of an anti-bullying advocate.

And I REALLY want to watch that Part of the Pride video, but on dial-up here at home, it's impossible. Perhaps can sneak a look at boss is a wicked push-over. :o)

dozycow said...

Still working hard Trin - it's in lieu of sleeping when I do the majority of my reading.......
Hope you had a great time at Gympie !!

ali g said...

Thanks for congrats Trin, Doz, Les & Kazza. Guess nepotism has its rewards after all.
Love your new blogspot Kazza. best looking hooters I've seen in some time!

Karen said...

Aw, Ali g! I can always count on you to say the right thing! I don't look at my hooters very often... around here, they only come out at night.

And they scare small animals away, too...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kevin - you are an amazing person. Got the book and can't wait to read it. I didn't think the male Lion was so tall and all of them together in the one place with Kevin in the short film on Tony's blog - goodness me! What a beautiful and majestic creature - very Aslan!! God bless and keep doing what you are doing. Littleaud

Trev said...

Saw your enormous centrefold review in Sydney's Sunday Herald paper last weekend.
A whole 2 pages and NO staples in your picture in the middle either.
Great picture and fabulous review.

Trev said...

Meant Full TWO page Centrefold!!

Flea said...

I am still to find it in Perth! I asked everywhere. Mind you I did not had the title with me, just said the Lion man's book from Africa. Oops.

Michelle (from Seattle WA USA) said...

So many words come to mind, just the first two - WOW! & Breathtaking! Thoroughly enjoyed the video and cannot wait to read the book. Cheers to you both for your amazing work!!! I was in South Africa one year ago and am completely addicted. Keep well and keep up with the great work.