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An Empty Coast
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Saturday, August 01, 2009


Yes, Leigon of Fans (LOF), as all four of you may know, today (August 1) marks the official release of my sixth novel, IVORY. I know several of you eager beavers have already been down to your local Big W and bought a copy - and for that I thank you.

Not only is IVORY out in print, but it's also being released today as an audio book by my very good friends at Bolinda.

If you're housebound or one of our overseas legionnaires (or if you just can't tear yourself away from my blog for more than a few minutes) you might like to check out Aussie online bookseller which is selling signed copies of IVORY over the 'net. I went to their offices and signed about a million books (just kidding - a sizeable number, but not that many) last week.

If you click on the cover picture of IVORY on the Booktopia site you'll also find your way to a short audio interview in which I talk about the book. It's like a mini version of one of my podcasts, minus the school boy humour.

Mrs Blog and I hosted the launch of IVORY for family and friends on Thursday night in the St James Hotel in Sydney. All I can say about that is that it is now Saturday afternoon and I am still feeling a touch seedy. I think a good night was had by all, but by the end of it I was too drunk to care anyway.

Mrs Blog and I crept into stately Park Towers (where we live) sometime after 2am and made as much noise as only drunk people who are trying to be quiet can. Mother Blog and Ali G (yes, they are an item) were trying to sleep in the spare room, having sensibly pulled stumps much earlier in the evening.

I bravely fronted for the first talk of my IVORY promotional tour at St Ives Library at 11am on Friday morning and, fortified by tea and scones, managed to mutter a few words without passing out.

I'm off on the road bright and early Monday morning, flying first to South Australia and Western Australia. I'll keep you posted on my travels, as I can't think of anything else worth writing.

If you buy a copy of IVORY I hope you enjoy it. And if you don't, remember that if you can't say something nice about someone then...


ali g said...

That was a great night!
We didn't realize it was you making all that noise at 2am..thought it was a rubbish truck collecing bins and throwing them back onto the footpath, but do vaguely recall saying something to Mrs Blog about tigers now being old mud boys or something before snoozing off again.
Next morning, we put our 'Ivory' talking book into the cd stack in the car for the 4 hour return trip to Mudgee, then got so engrossed in the story particularly at the point when Alex Tremain was running along the deck of the 'Oslo Star' that I nearly ran off the road at the steep curly bits coming down into Lithgow so had to turn it off till we got home.
Then relaxed and listened to some more sitting around the fireplace with a cup of tea.
Very pleasant.. a great book and a ripper talking version also!

Anonymous said...

Prof is partway through and as he is ailing from matters unrelated to our great night at the launch, the pirate + co are welcome companions.

Enjoy the tour.

Orig Anon.

tonypark said...

Best monitor the Prof's ticker when he gets to the train scene, anon.

Give him our best. I'll bring him flowers and beer when I get back from the tour.

Australian Online Bookshop said...

I've a copy sitting on my desk waiting for me to finish my curent tome. Can't wait to get my teeth into it.

dozycow said...

Hi TP: Congratulations on yet another engrossing, action packed adventure story - I (quite literally) could not put it down - well done !!!

My only complaint, however, is that now your LOF will have another 12 (long) months to wait before Book 7 is available.......

tonypark said...

Thnaks Dozy!

Don't forget that Part of the Pride - My Life Among Africa's Big Cats, by Kevin Richardson and moi is coming out next month.

It's a bit frustrating for me, too, knowing that Book 7 is done (subject to some edits), but won't be out until this time next year.

If I could write short stories, I would. Now there's an idea...


dozycow said...

I've already asked the local book shop to order me in Part of the Pride so hopefully it will be here soonest.....

Short stories (about Africa I hope) are a great idea - how soon can you write some ????????

dozycow said...

PS : Just to keep me going for the next short while I have bought "Wild Spirit" by Annette Henderson (an Aussie), "The Elephant Whisperer" by SA conservationist Lawrence Anthony, and also "Ivory Moon" (sequel to Silent Footsteps) by another Aussie Sally Henderson. Prior to reading IVORY I just finished "Wildflower" about SA conservationist Joan Root which was a wonderful biography.
Fellow LOF's may enjoy reading these too (whilst awaiting Book 7)

Heidihi said...

Picked up a copy on Saturday and finished it by Sunday afternoon - great read, but I too am upset that I have to wait another 12 months!

Really enjoyed Ivory.

Little Miss Moi said...

Congratulations Tony, that's great! Six books, wow. I've revisited your blog for the first time in a long time, after seeing a couple of your books on sale at the local newsagency.

Anonymous said...

Tony, can't wait to see you & Mrs Blog again on Wednesday night (light refreshments withstanding!) Remember I will be the one with the elephant - I hope I will not look TOO stupid. Fondest regards "Little Aud" - cannot be googled again (sorry I got scammed on Adsense because I got NO sense!)
xxxx (from the elephant)

Anonymous said...

I heard your your interview on Adelaide Radio this afternoon and was pleased to hear that you have a new book out. As I have enjoyed your previous novels I will go and buy it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Book 6.


a new fan said...

Thank you for an excellent book.
First Tony Park have read.
Best and most enjoyable read I've had in years if not ever.
Will be buying all your previous ones hooked!

Trev said...

Was at the dentist today having a tooth out and while waiting for the anaesthetic to take hold said to the dental nurse...."%grwummynsa6wasn@' and she replied .."What! Tony Park has a new book out called Ivory? Wow, I'll race down to Big W after work and grab a copy.
I then said "groood grirl Youul loov it'

Trin said...

I am teasing myself - I haven't bought it yet!! Is it because I'm in a huff cos you won't come to Victoria?? Or is it because I feel sorry for Les, who won't be able to read it for another month or so??? Or am I waiting for a deal like with Frank Coates - buy one get one free??? Or am I annoyed that Dozy got the jump and I am sulking like Ali G is want to do??? It's a combination of all of the above plus.... I am saving it for when I go on a camping trip in 3 weeks.

On a different topic - how can a drunk CREEP in anywhere? Drunks are not notoriously quiet people - crawl, roll, crash... in, but creep? - you obviously didn't drink enough!!