Sunday, August 12, 2007

Become famous (sort of) and save a rhino!

I was contacted recently (I was going to say recently contacted, but Michelle Parker's mother has been picking me up on my split infinitives) by the co-ordinator of the SAVE Foundation here in New South Wales. SAVE has a long and excellent track record of raising money to help save Africa's rhinos.

Their current project involves transferring rhinos from the Kruger National Park (where, pleasingly, there are thousands) to Botawana, where there are, to put it frankly, bugger all.

The rhino is one of my favourite animals. In the case of the White Rhino they look all fierce and heavily armed and armoured but (when at ease) are actually about as aggro as a large dairy cow.

You'll notice in my incredibly disorganised links on the left (Hann has chipped me for not having them better ordered) there is now one for the SAVE foundation.

SAVE's local bloke asked me if I'd be available to speak at a fundraiser in Sydney later this year. I would have loved to, but I'll be in Africa. What I have offered, though, is the opportunity for a character name in Book 5 (as yet untitled) to be auctioned off.

I've done this before. Two of the characters (not counting my heroine, Michelle Parker) in my latest book 'Safari' are named after people whose relatives donated money to a child care centre and pre-school.

So, if you live in Sydney and want your name in one of my books (OK, you'll not actually be famous, but the grand children will love it), keep an eye out for upcoming SAVE fundraisers.

Oh, and unlike Michelle Parker (see earlier posts), this character won't be indulging in anything, ahem, untoward on antique dressing tables. 'Nuff said.


Kitty Litter said...

Mr Tony, what naughty Michelle do on these tables????????

Hann said...

I have not started Safari yet, hubby is almost through it and I can't wait, I started to "steal" it and want to start reading NOW!
Great idea of the Auction, I hope it goes very well, and the choosing of names idea, great plan you got there! ;-)
What messy sideline?