Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The land of the long white sheep

Those of you, Legion of Fans, who are not related to me may not know my family secret.  I am a multi national.  As well as an Australian passport I have a British one (courtesy of my Welsh father), and...  a New Zealand passport, courtesy of my (Australian) mother and father meeting on the ski slopes of Mt Ruapehu many years ago.
I'll admit, LOF, growing up in Australia - as a naturalised Australian I hasten to add - there was a tendency for me to deny my origins, lest I become the butt of various unsavoury jokes and barefaced insults.
However, that all changed a few years ago when I found out that New Zealanders did not need a visa to enter Zimbabwe.  In fact, a New Zealand passport, to which I was entitled, was actually cheaper than the cost of a visa for my Aussie or Brit passports.  So, I embraced my kiwi-ness wholeheartedly and applied online for my third travel document. 
These days, however, New Zealanders have to pay for a visa into Zim, but I'm still proud to say I'm the owner of three passports.  You can never have too many, I say (particularly as I have been known to lose the odd one over the years).
What I did not expect, however, as Mrs Blog and I entered Zimbabwe from South Africa this week at the Beitbridge border post, was for the much vaunted Zimbabwean inspector of customs to say, on checking my passport: "Ah, the land of the many sheep hahahahahahahahahahahahaha."


ali g said...

Oh Dear let the sheep out of the bag now..
So next Q.
What's got 6 legs and runs around a Kiwi's sheep paddock?
Realy , really, really just dont want to know!

Hann said...

ha ha, too funny!

meggie said...

Be careful... I understand there is a new movie about Killer Sheep!

ali g said...

yep... puts a whole new meaning on the word 'kickback'...doesn't it!