Sunday, August 19, 2007

A little bit of looxury...

Luxury is a relative thing, I suppose.

Today is Mrs Blog and my 18th wedding anniversary and we have (that is she has, as she makes all the bookings) splashed out on a Luxury Safari Tent in Tamboti Camp in the Kruger National Park.

It really is quite luxurious - for a tent. It has a double bed, a fridge, a kitchenette out on the veranda (which in itself is quite luxurious), and an en-suite. This, Legion of Fans, is some tent.

OK, it's still self-catering and does smell a bit of old cigarette smoke and the hall light doesn't work (can you believe it!), but after sleeping on a roof rack for a week, this is, well, luxury.

I should add that our home-made roof rack tent is, in fact, extrememly comfortable and, in its own way, luxurious compared to the tiny little dome tent we used to sleep in. It's also a lot safer when there are lions patrolling the camp site at night, as has happened to us in the past.

But back to Tamboti... As I sit here on the deck, under the shade of my tent awning, connecting to you live via a 3G internet connection (there are a number of ritzy private game reserves across the river from us, so I guess I have them to thank for the high speed connection), looking out over the Timbavati River, I can tell you that a little bit of luxury goes a long way.


ali g said...

Very nice..looks a bit like Tigger's bedroom

Hann said...

Firstly: Congratulations guys on a fantastic mile stone, wow 18 years!!
We want to wish you many more happy chappy camping years, great choice the accommodation.
Did you know Tamboti is a type of wood?
Where I came from you will find Tamboti street! :-)

meggie said...

Happy Anniversary to you & Mrs Blog! Enjoy every second of that luxury.

Muriel said...

I lived for 6 months in a 'luxury' tent like yours, in the very heart of the Okavango -- the best bedroom I ever had! Spiders (I love spiders) bred freely in the corners; a squirrel shared my bed; lions slept just outside (yes, really!), honeybadgers trotted by, monkeys stole my moisturiser... Your post has given me The Nostalgias in a big way. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oi! Clumsy,

Go easy on that Land Rover...and look after your missus as well....happy anniversary to you both.

I just come across the Blog doing some surfing, and with half a thought you and Nic were probably in Africa...and guess what? You are!

I am back in country a week after Dina and myself spending 3 weeks together in Dubai, Paris, and Spain...was grouse. Though, I wouldn't swap Timbavati for the bright lights of Pareee!

Next beak out of here will be back to Oz but, the next after will probably be to Moz, as we have to go see the land we have bought and get a fence around it.

I will monitor your blog with interest and see where you are off to next..are you going to go out through Parfuri this time?

Cheers, keep well, and always maintain a view on a 'Far Horizon'.

bec said...

Dr Angel just came to tell me he really enjoyed Zambezi and couldn't give me back the copy I'd loaned him yet because his wife was now reading it.

AND to say that he'd enjoyed it so much he went and paid real money for Safari, and is now a chapter into that one.

Is there some kind of TP-pimping competition I can enter?